This is the end (and the beginning)

Put play on the song before reading the article

Well, in fact the song has almost nothing to do with what I write, but I got it in the head not bad these days... because many things take late. Jim Morrison directly reference (for the uneducated which I was part there is 5 minutes before documenting me on wikipedia) to the Freudian psychoanalysis as well as to the shamanism : it's delving into the subconscious, with stories of snakes and demons. In short, nothing to do with the basic idea I had...

.. .je meant THE END OF THE life in PARIS.


A week ago, it was our big last night before a long time; and as would say a close friend (very), "is it has not loupée". Review all before leaving is good, but also turn a page.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is not to make you cry assistance (finally not yet, the chorus is not yet passed), but to express my mood of the moment... Here it is, it is clear that that our lives will change, that we will move away from potes, but that's for the best. Since the preparation of the marriage until the preparation for the voyage and especially seeing the deadline arrived, I have the impression we changed pace, that everything goes at breakneck speed. As Estelle said in the article The "Goodbye" : “Initially, it was said goodbye to people, without really understanding why; initially appeared so far! "More until mid-July, we had the head in marriage and very little worked on the journey..." It did not really understand why before, but since a good week, ca starts to become more concrete!

It becomes aware of little cool things you liked: having all our friends often at home, of being able to have a drink in bars not expensive cool and not far away were identified little by little (it exists!), to make super concerts in corners really cools (of the halle de la Villette, at the Olympia(, through - the - lighthouse boat), to output picture in the footsteps great Paris photographers; any ca may miss me.

New wind


Mais le changement, c’est bien aussi, et puis autour de nous, il y a un vent de nouveautés ! Le mois de septembre 2014 est à marquer d’une pierre blanche : 3 de mes potes proches changent de boulot, dont un s’exile dans le sud avec sa belle, une pote d’Estelle va accoucher ; et nous on a vidé l’appartement, rendu les clés et on va être sur les routes un an. On ne reviendra pas en région parisienne, c’était notre choix en élaborant le projet – même si après l’avoir un peu maudit, on fini par l’apprécier cette ville (je n’aurais jamais cru pouvoir écrire ça un jour 🙂 )

This is a big change, but is at the same time so happy! Everything goes very quickly, but gradually take the measure of the adventure that awaits us. It's very exciting and really very happy: is it also does to leave everything, it's hard, sad, but happy at the same time! We spend the day that make us live to 100 at a time, we view every day, we live intensely: we are very happy!

Un petit mot pour dire qu’on est touchés par les messages qui nous arrivent par-ci par-là, que ça fait plaisir de se sentir entouré ! Et à mon avis ca sera encore plus important sur la route 🙂 Merci !