Class in Turkey

On November 28, 2014, we met a class in a French-speaking school in Istanbul (as part of our partnership with the CE2 / CM1 class in France). It was a great time. Thank you to Cécile, the teacher, and to the students, for the great welcome!

Turkish students tell us

A superb powerpoint of the presentation made (completely in French!) By two students of the class. Many thanks to them!

Questions from French students to Turkish students

What is the school called? Her name is Yeni Nesil. It is a private, French-speaking school.
What does a class 7A mean? This is the penultimate class of middle school
How many children are in the class altogether? We are 11 students in class 7A.
Approximately how many students are there in the classes? About 15 students per class.
How many classes are there in all in the school? There are 10 classes in the school (it's a small school)
How many days do they work each week? 5 days a week, Monday to Friday (Wednesday included, all day)
What time does school start and what time does it end? School starts at 8:40 am and ends at 3:50 pm.
Are 11/12 year olds in middle school or primary? Students aged 11-12 (class 7A) are in college.
In the classroom, do you have: a video projector? Yes - a computer ? Yes - internet access? Yes
Do they have a chalk board or a white board? Both !
Do they have responsibilities in class (messenger, distribution of notebooks,…)? Non
Do they have a library in the classroom? Yes, a small library in the classroom; and a large “library class” on the ground floor
What materials do you work? Math, Turkish, French, Hisory, Science, Religion, Spanish or English, Plastic arts
Are they doing plastic art? Yes, one hour a week
Do they play sports? Yes of course
In the evening, is there a study for homework? No, we do the homework at home
Do they have any recess? How long does recess last? Yes, we have 8 breaks (there are breaks every 40 minutes); except for breakfast (15 minutes, after the first period of class), lunch (40 minutes), and afternoon tea (15 minutes)
Is there a canteen or a cafeteria for lunch at noon? Yes, a self service for college, a canteen for primary

At what time does the lunch break take place? From 12:45 p.m. to 1:20 p.m.
Do they go on school trips? Which ones? There are outings for all classes, but the “little ones” go out more than us: museum, Galata Tower (historical monument of Istanbul), French films at the consulate ...
Have you taken any school trips? La Capadocce (central Anatolia, Turkey), Sirince (a pretty village south of Izmir), Bozcaada (a Turkish island north of the Aegean Sea) - and a summer camp in Paris.

A few more small details ...

- It's a private school, so the children come from rather privileged backgrounds in Istanbul.
- The students wear the uniform. This is the case with all schools in the country.
- Each lesson lasts twice 40 minutes, then the students change rooms and teachers, at primary and secondary level.

Some pictures !

We first met the class of 7As, who gave us the briefing; then we presented our project to them. Then we attended a normal class 1 course (CP equivalent). Here are the pictures!

The most bonus… l'hymne national "National Anthem".

Sung in all schools across the country, Monday morning and Friday evening!