The class in Turkey

November 28, 2014, we met a class in a francophone school in Istanbul (through our partnership with the class of grades 3/4 in France). It was a very good time. Thanks to Cecilia, the teacher, and the students, for the super hospitality received!

Turkish students tell us

A superb powerpoint of the presentation done (totally in french!) by two students in the class. Thanks much to them!

French students to Turkish students issues

How is the school called? His name is Yeni Nesil. It is a private, French-language school.
That means a class 7 has? This is the front last college class
How much is t he children in all in the class? We are 11 students in the class 7A.
How many students are there approximately in classes? Approximately 15 students per class.
How many are there in all classes in the school? There are 10 classes in the school (this is a small school)
How many days do work each week? 5 days per week, Monday to Friday (Wednesday included, all day)
What time school begin and at what time it ends? School starts at 8:40 and ends at 15:50.
Are 11/12 children at college or primary? Students of 11-12 yrs (class 7A) are at the college.
In the class, do you have: a video projector? Yes – un ordinateur ? Yes – un accès internet ? Yes
Have a table in chalk or Whiteboard? The two!
Have responsibilities in the classroom (Messenger, distribution of the cahiers,...)? Non
Have a library in the class? Yes, a small library in the class; and a great "class-library" at the ground floor
What materials do you work? Math, Turkish, French, Hispanic, Science, Religion, Spanish or English, Visual Arts
Are they art? Yes, one hour per week
Do sport? Yes, of course
In the evening, is there a study to do homework? No, on doing homework at home
They have recreations? How long recess last? Yes, there are 8 recess (there are breaks every 40 minutes); except for the breakfast (15 minutes, after the first period of course), lunch (40 minutes), and relish (15 minutes)
Is there a canteen or a buffet for lunch noon? Yes, a self for the college, a canteen for the primary

What time does is the lunch break held? 12 h 45-13 h 20
Do exit school? Which? There are outputs for all classes, but 'small' make more outputs than we: Museum, Galata Tower (historical monument of Istanbul), french films at the Consulate...
You have made the school trip? The Cappadocia (in the center of Anatolia, Turkey), Sirince (pretty village to the South of Izmir), Bozcaada (an island Turkish North of the Aegean Sea) - and a summer camp in Paris.

A few small details and more...

– C’est une école privée, donc les enfants sont issus de milieux plutôt favorisés d’Istanbul.
– Les élèves portent l’uniforme. C’est le cas de toutes les écoles du pays.
– Chaque cours dure 2 fois 40 minutes, puis les élèves changent de salle et de professeur, au primaire comme au collège.

Some images!

We first met the class 7A, which have made us the presentation; and then we presented them our project. Then we attended a course of class 1 (CP equivalent). This is the images!

Bonus... the national 'İstiklal Marşı"anthem.

Sung in all schools in the country, on Monday morning and Friday evenings!