Partnership with a CE2-CM1 school

Students, this page is for you!

Why a partnership?

For sharing experience with younger people, transmission.

We would like this partnership to be an opening to the world: perhaps you will discover the existence of new countries? Or do people live differently in other countries?… We hope that this partnership can be an apprenticeship in difference, and therefore in tolerance.

We also want to make you travel, because I believe that many of you have never left France.

Learning tolerance and invitation to travel, quite a program!

Presentation of the class:


Lieu : Le Havre, School of the Sacred Heart

teacher : Catherine Bourgeois

Level : CE2 / CM1 – Age : between 8 and 9 years old

Number of students : 17 in CE2, 6 in CM1 – i.e. a total of 14 girls and 9 boys

Our meetingIMG_0322

Our meeting took place on Monday, September 9: one week after you start school, and one week before we leave.

We had a great time together. You were able to discover the material what we take: bike, panniers, stove, water filter, tent, duvets and floor mats, etc. Tell us in the comments what you liked best!

We found you very curious, you asked a lot of very interesting questions.


Everything for sleeping: floor mats, duvets, meat bags...

What do we want to do together this year?

It is above all a written exchange that we want to make.

From our side, we will try to give you informations on the countries we cross. This part of the site will be dedicated to you to share information, country after country.

We will also try to meet schools in other countries: in this case, we will tell you how things are going at school for the students. Do they have the same hardware as you? Do they work as many hours as you do in a day? etc Do you have any important questions that we could ask these students that we may meet? With the class, can you perhaps make us a list of questions that we can ask them?

With your teacher, you will learn to write to us mails, and comments on blog posts. Maybe she will also use our trip in your class lessons?


Where is Estelle hiding?


The goodbyes!

And when we return, if possible, we will come to see you again!

See you soon !