A quarter around the world

The December 14, We celebrated our first quarter passed through the world, or one quarter of our trip! (already!)
Hey, we must also say that we leave just returned from 3 weeks of holidays in Istanbul and Bangkok. The figures will be quite different from the last few months.

Our numbers of the month!

In total, to December 14, it had travelled 3672 kms from the beginning. Either 511 kms for this 3rd month in 8 days on the saddle. OK, it was small players this month!
We travelled along in Greece and Turkey, the streets (mostly walking) andIstanbul and Bangkok.

The dodo spots

Say you right away that we has not much out the tent during the 3rd month. No, we do even released it as... 2 times! Otherwise, we have always stayed warm, Warmshowers and couch, or people who have hosted us (and more a night in a hostel in Istanbul and a night... on the plane!)

Ici sur la route en Thaïlande, on ressort la tente… mais que la partie moustiquaire ! Trop dure la vie ! 😉

What was lost

With all that, we were wise and we lost too much of things.
-Thomas lost her short linen: no idea where he has gone, big mystery. When he saw the cold on Turkish roads, he must have felt neglected and fled!
-A wooden spatula : left with Pol, our host of Alexandroupoli. The second is lost!
-One tensioner : at Ipsala, probably fell from the bike during one of the many neighborhood tour guests have done with our frames. It's our fault, it would be best to attach it.
But don't worry, we have lots of lots of lost things, with the passage of the Dalton parents in Istanbul! OWL, plenty to sow on the road!

Level bike

First flat tire ! Have you seen the perpetrator of the crime in the video of the Greece ?
We took advantage of our vacation to change my brakes (those of Thomas are still good: there is evidence it has less fear in the descents!), a few cables and other routine interviews. After 3672 kms, they deserved well it!

What we liked

– L’accueil des turcs sur la route

– Manger des bonnes choses bien de chez nous à Istanbul (merci les parents Dalmayrac pour le Roquefort et le saucisson, et merci les Miquel pour le bon pâté !)

– Notre semaine à Bangkok, notre chambre chez notre superbe hôte Warmshower SupapornDiscover Thai food in the small "eating" on the sidewalk...

– et tant d’autres choses !…

What we liked least

-Feel "tourist" in Istanbul.

For we see or meet again, on the road...

Balance of three months...

  • It took the pace of the journey. As we had been warned, we feel that it really takes the pace at the end of 6 or 7 weeks. And despite 3 weeks of vacation, it was not too hard to get back on the road. On the contrary, we began to look forward to go explore Asia by bike after this acclimation time (very useful, anyway), in Bangkok.
  • We saw things, we met people! It is sometimes a little hard trying to remember everything, and to have the correct chronological order. But hey, all encountered riders told us that it was such.
  • Travelling is great. But must not think, y'a of the days where... well we know not why, it's hard to leave in the morning, it did not want, it crawls really... And then there also some difficult moments: a stony path that climbs up battery the day where there is not enough... stayed bim, it gets quickly annoyed! But good ok, most of the times are great; in 3 months, it has shunned less than ten times about (and Thomas has not even tried to sow me only once!).
  • Travel, learn really living it that most fears are related to the unknown, to a lack of knowledge of the places or people. It is valid for the people we cross as for us! We have already talked about, but that's insane distrust of the people of a country over their neighbours across the border! And it does not have examples.
  • It became known to most worry where it will sleep at night. Finally there are always something, it just sometimes a bit of patience!
  • The question that everyone is asking without daring to ask it: "and to live 24 hours a day together, you do you engueulez not too much?" EH ben non. We learn also to recognize sources of nervousness (fatigue, difficult road...), and manage your own reactions (a little) and the reactions of the other (much).
  • What we love the most in the end: discover the surprises that each day reserve us, it happens so much in a day, and so much can reverse situations!