Say hello to: A panda - a tiger - monkeys - a bear - the Dalai Lama

Say hello to:

A panda

I present Pandi Panda, nice panda, seen in Chengdu in China! Read our article on Kangsing, Leschan, Chengdu, Xi'an


A tiger

Full of striped cats in Asia Matters? No ? Well, we also hesitated to photoshoper one of our photo, but we will be sincere ... not Tiger this year!


Ah, Yes, and we saw them closely. A Koh Changthe edges of villages are their paradise.


A bear

In Greece, it says hello to bears sleeping on their territory !


To the Dalai Lama

In China, we crossed the Sichuan Tibetan who was once politically. Tibetan culture is still there, we crossed many monks, visited temples, Tibetan ate, slept Tibetan ...

And in a temple in the city of Kangdin we met the Dalaï Lama! Well, almost ... his photo there was exposed anyway! But the pictures inside were banned, so sorry, you have our word!