Red light!

It is in Phnom Penh since a week now. It will tell you more in detail the beginning of Cambodia in an upcoming post. But by and large, the 5 senses are activated continuously! Life is less easy than in Thailand, but we like it when even.

In short, we wanted to just tell you that we will be blocked even a few days in the capital.

  • The Vietnamese visa? No, it's good, it has recovered!
  • Too lazy to pedalling? Oh non! It starts to really look forward to the road!

Then what?

Monday afternoon, we had a small accident with a scooter, crossing the street, A foot! Little shock side on the legs, while the world by land. There is worry-free, all members move, ok, nothing broken. A few scratches for both, and beautiful bruises.
Except that from my side, bruises are more shallow than anticipated (despite three SALVES of the Tigers that passers-by came to give me, and the ice bag recovered at a travelling saleswoman of fruit juice). In the evening, unable to walk further than the exit of the hotel, too large to support pain. Like the morning, suddenly, towards the hospital for a small radio.

In the end, nothing broken (phew!), and anti-inflammatory seem already to their effect. But we'll have to wait to gallop as before.

In short, more fear than harm. Already it imagined the worst if it was broken (our adventure would have been damn turned upside down)!

The adventure continues!