Bike 4 a future

Some go on honeymoon around the world cycling the flower to the rifle, others do it for a cause: the environment.

We shared our host Warmshower Chinese link with Kim and Simon housing, an adorable couple Vietnamese-Australian traveling for planet. We have discussed about their commitment and their motivations for the journey they are undertaking today. They departed from the Viet Nam and will join Paris with as objective the conference for the United nations climate which will take place in November 2015 in Paris.

Nous, on aime bien les personnes comme eux, engagés. Ils transpirent Alors on partage et on relaie le message:

If I manage to inspire even a dozen people to become more active in the fight to stop climate change then I will consider this trip a success. So please if you have been inspired leave a comment and let me know that all this effort has not been in vain.


Nous ne pouvons également que vous conseiller dollar lire l'impressionnante page where they describe themselves, ou de participate in their project – ils en valent la peine!


In our host Gang link in Xian

Pollution in China

As we are currently in China, the discussion is quickly focused around censorship that prevails here from school to all media and ecological derivatives that exist here. He advised me looked a fairly maddening to be censored in less than 15 days here, but obviously available on Youtube video.

I'll let make you your opinion and grizzly hair quietly. It starts pretty hard, and it lasts more than an hour then put you at ease and imprégniez you to the air we breathe in the cities for the few weeks that remain to pass here.