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I must say, we like good food. In addition it is French...

Going Slowly

Before leaving for our year on the road I followed Tara and Tyler, blog They were about our age, are Americans, it is computer scientist and is good photographer and she loves cooking - suffice to say I have immediately hooked, both for original ideas in the development of the web site, as for my big appetite for good food.


The great idea

Pendant leur voyage ils ont eu la magnifique idée de créer un bouquin de cuisine adapté aux cyclos : pas besoin de four ni de réfrigérateur, votre cuisine et nourriture rentrent dans une sacoche ou deux 🙂 A l’époque ils ont démarré un projet de crowdfunding I have borne modestly: I just bought the book in advance, and as a thank you it the names of all the fans)backers) in the book; Nice! Look at the pictures: saw little means at its disposal, you will understand quickly that there is magic in his recipes!


The first part of the book describes the hardware that it uses as well as the food it transports. It is packed full of very practical tips like how to transport spices: a dozen of small zippables bags contained in a larger to take as little as possible and be dry! It also gives recipes for the "second breakfast", second breakfast of the middle of morning that makes any sense when a cyclo swallowing many kilometres per day...

The second part is devoted to recipes that are illustrated beautiful photos: pancakes with calzones passing through the recipe for what has become our magical breakfast, these recipes are now our small boost to morale and a little thing which is remembered as the place where one has cooked. Most of its recipe are vegetarian for one simple reason: it is still not clear how to find meat a few hours before posing for camping. Without playing in the extravagance or outstanding recipe, Tara wants to give us the keys to be creative and do with what we have available. His advice are malignant and muris by for long kilometres of experience acquired during their round of the cycling world. I could only recommend to enrich your way of travel giving you fun to Cook!

Some pictures of our best meals

Finally convince you

I enclose the interview she gave to Bicycle Touring Pro in the (very good!) podcast of this bicycle touring. You can also follow and listen to his podcasts, there's good subjects and great humor.

Obviously, if you want to buy the book, or download it for your reader to pdf, it is on !