New month, new balance: 8 months!

Where were we to May 14? Yes, it had written this article in time, but the Mongolian Internet connections made us delay in publication...

This month, it was still mostly China-side cities rather! And at the end of the month, reached in Mongolia, Ulan Bator. We are distributed on our saddles to conquer beautiful landscapes!

In short...

Not many miles!
Only 692 kms of month. It is in 9729kms total of 14 May.
8 months! It begins to think about the way back, to organize weekends with friends and family who can come and see us. But we don't feel at all yet to return either. There still so much to do before that!
A priori, expected back mid-October.

Side bikes


-A new puncture out of Chengdu: a large piece of metal that pierced the tire.
-Failure of a weld of the cargo carrier back, repaired well effectively with the Paracord;
-Change trays and pine nuts: ready to pedal on the Mongolian tracks!


-Changing the brake pads. The first time since the beginning of the adventure!
-Change of the carrier before that, have multiplied the makeshift repairs, was really the end! But impossible to find in stores in China. Suddenly it has been helped and we ordered it on the Internet on a Chinese site.

What was lost

-The key origin of the bicycle lock padlock; Fortunately we in had redid a double after losing the first in the temples of Angkor.
-Lost or stolen? In any case this is the trick for which one is more disgusted... our reading light has disappeared... Impossible to know where...
-Stolen: all the Removable equipment on the bike : bag saddle with multi-tool (nooooooon! Sorry my brother), patches, dismounts tire, serres-clips; lights front and rear bike Thomas; and our french flag (what fool)! A new one is being manufactured. But not easy to find a piece of perfect wood in the Mongolian steppes rather desert.

China, the country of extremes...

What is most surprising is that this is a country where the best and the worst, and often simultaneously.
We loved our visit to China, but after 2 months, we were a little tired of some things. There are some very annoying stuff...
-Bike, completely unpredictable behaviour on the roads won the palme of the annoying stuff, they can stop net without apparent reason in the middle of the road.
-Monitoring closely with one side "egocentric" of many Chinese (finally cannot set it... it's as if they lived in a bubble). It's crazy, one has the impression - in the city especially - they are not used to pay attention to the other. They are before someone who takes a picture, do almost never take the door to the person just behind etc...
But good other than that, we loved China. People are very curious, very hospitable, there is always one who wants to discuss. And we were especially our most beautiful landscapes (and also our biggest challenges; once again, extreme).
In short, China was a nice discovery and we will keep beautiful memories (find more details on) the balance sheet of the previous month !)

Spot dodo

The tent was updated with technical unemployment this month. Only 2 camps!

But many hosts, super receptions and beautiful meetings:
-Angelic to Chengdu
-Link to XI'an
-Tony and Ina to Beijing
-Cold to Ulan Bator

And otherwise, three nights in a bus and one in a train!
Finally this month is varied!

In short, quickly here some impressions of the last month.

For the 9th month, the Mongolia! In the beautiful steppes, are our bikes and wilderness camping. Pretty impressive pictures to the key!
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