We pass the cap: 10 months!

That's it, it's back in Europe. And above all happiness to find his loved ones!

On the roads

We are at 11 860 kms in total for the 10 th moisiversaire of our adventure. This month we have therefore rode Su' 730 kms, but travelled thousands of kilometres by train from one end to the other of the Russia (or almost).
On the menu this month: Lake Baikal, the famous Trans-Siberian railway,. Moscow, Saint Petersburg and the reunion with my parents, then resumed cycling after this long stop; direction the Estonia and therefore back on the ground European early July, finally by a reunion in Tallinn with friends! Rich program is not it?


They crossed the Russia in large plastic, well calibrated tarpaulins in height in the luggage of the train compartment. The bikes in the Trans-Siberian railway? A bit of stress before but finally hyper easy!
On the side of "case", just a wound dehiscence patch on the inner tube to me. As China is repercée under the pressure of the tire well hacked. Hope that it takes the shot!

Thomas easily found a new rear rack at Pétersbourg.
And also tighten the hubs of the wheels which were frankly of the game; We didn't have the gear to tighten enough.


The dodos

-In total, asked the tent 6 times
- and spent 5 nights in a trains !
It has stayed in a cosy bed in...
-a guesthouse in Ust Barguzin
-hostels in Irkutsk and Tallinn
-a couchsurfer to Olkhon island and a warmshower in Moscow
-a top comfort in St. Petersburg apartment. a local home before the Estonian border. and reunion in Narva with a school of Thomas bizu

What was lost?

Nothing! Too proud!

For we see or meet again in pictures: