4 days in Lithuania

I remember an article written at the beginning of the journey which was called “3 days in Montenegro“… It seems so recent to us and at the same time an eternity… We have experienced so many things since then… At the time we did not even dare to imagine these last months of the journey!

So, where were we?
Yes, we had just crossed the Latvia/Lithuania border on July 31, 2015.

After a first night in free camping site a few kilometers from the border, we drive in the morning to Palanga.
This is where we receive a call from the parents of Thomas whom we knew in Riga a few days earlier with their camper van: they are on the road and heading towards us. One would be tempted to say thatthey put the turbo, but precisely… that of the camper van is defective, and it will cause them a lot of worry in the days to come… In short, we meet again after 8 months, they forget their technical problems for a moment.
We sleep near Kleipeda, in a parking lot where a nocturnal outdoor cinema session will take place at the start of the night. Fun!

Then on Sunday, August 2, everyone gets on their bicycle saddle, and we set off to discover the magnificent Curonian Spit. Bike paths take us between the pines, or along the sand dunes. A picnic by the water, a siesta on the beach... it's hot, it's sunny! We had announced 50 kms of flat… at the end of the day, it is 60 kms that it is registered on the counter and the Curonian Spit is more hilly than we thought! In short, congratulations to the brave!

We return by bus to Kleipeda where the motorhome is waiting for us. After a few kilometers – in a motorhome this time – at nightfall we find a small corner for a tent and a motorhome in the parking lot of a cemetery. Ok, that will do, you can't always have dream spots!
The next day, the landscapes parade behind the windows. We go along the Niemen, river made famous during the second world war, where Thomas takes a quick dip to cool off from the beating sun.
We arrive at the end of the day in Kaunas (I let you pronounce it as you want!). We visit the old town by bike the next day, under a blazing sun. A very pretty old town, without too many tourists.

After a failed repair of the motorhome's Turbo, we hit the road together. The countryside of Lithuania appears to us to resemble that of Latvia. The main roads are really not suitable for cyclists: we meet some of them riding there despite the many trucks and the absence of an emergency lane… we say to ourselves that we are happy not to be there by bike !
The speed being faster than by bike… here we are already in Poland!