The land of Lakes

The Poland! Colored spots draw the landscape, bathed from a Sun that heats. The yellow of wheat fields, the green of the trees; the blue so many lakes and the Baltic Sea; the white and black of the cows (Norman? :-)) and storks...

We had a picture of the bleak Poland, but what we have seen we handed clocks at a time. Despite some abandoned houses, this decor farms in red brick and thatched-roof houses leaves us in mind a fairly positive vision.

The beautiful Masuria

We entered in Poland after a passage in Lithuania fast enough; border on 4 wheels (in parental camper Dalton) and not on two wheels this time!
By the same means of transport, we discover the Masuria : region of Northern Poland, known for its unspoilt nature and its so many lakes. Indeed, there are Lakes everywhere, and lunch and dodos spots are easily accompanied by a swim. The first evening, we are surprised at the side apparently very touristy corner... but we understand quickly when one realizes that in the village there is the monastery where Jean-Paul II has stayed in 1999, during his trip to Poland. You can visit the apartments where he slept... for two night! First example life-size the piety of the poles.

Then direction Elk where the camper turns to the "doctor" which allows us to do... just about anything! Read, swim at the Lake... it was long!

When our trip meets history...

We then drive to tourist Gizicko... Lake where we spend quite quickly.

If we go through there, it mostly to go to the mark of the Wolf. It is here that Hitler He spent much of the war: a village of bunkers, with not only those dedicated to the communication of the war, the accommodation of soldiers, but also cinema and sauna... This village under the trees has been sought during the war, but never discovered. Crazy given its scope and the 2,500 people who lived there!
Upon the arrival of the Russians, the Germans dynamited the bunkers... but its ruins is still pretty impressive. For sure, this place is outstanding visits the Poland (and even the trip).

The night was announcing, we ask tent and camper in free camping of the tourist zone. Weird sleep there where Hitler lived...

Yet a reunion!

The morale of the team is soon reassembled by the announcement of Emilia (sister of Thomas) arrived by surprise in Sopot, seaside resort just next to Gdansk (Danzig). We devour in a day 400 kms of road. Through the window of the camper, there are fields of wheat in full harvest, trucks, tractors and silots grain which punctuate the landscape. It swallows these landscapes faster as the habit - and we are a little frustrated not to be there by bike.

But the advantage is that we are quickly in Sopot - the Polish Deauville - and we find Emilie, Pascal and the small Inès de 18 months now (it's crazy that it has changed)!
For 48 h we enjoy family, and do tourism. The old town of Gdansk is very pretty, sharp houses that make us think of Holland. But unfortunately, it's once again a Disney Land Tourism of mass with shops in mode Christmas market in almost every street... After this bath of crowd, found a little calm and serenity (for those who are not too dizzy) at the top of the Tower of the old City Hall, where we can quietly admire the grandeur and splendor of the city.

The return of the biclou

Then we need to get back on the road Monday; biking, yay!

It said goodbye to parents, that we meet again in two months. Emilie and his family, we will still find them for the next two evenings to share up bivouacs (them advancing in car).

Out of Gdansk is good, with quite a lot of trails. At a crossroads, a Polish papi comes discuss and ask us to wait there 5 minutes and returns with... a medal and the emblem of the city on a wooden plate! After the city we find the campaign, varied and alive; trails super nature; a natural park where you can see many birds; but very random States roads - rather patched everywhere. After a beautiful day, we find a spot perfect in the forest - 1 Wild camping for Ines!
The next morning, the R10 - runway which corresponds to the future EuroVelo 10 not yet implemented here - we wander in the forest not far from the sea. No car and only the dunes, forest and... an impressive number of cyclists! After a lunch on the beach, the afternoon is less funny, well more crevante: a mess of paths in the forest where he must try to bet on which will be the least Sandy... In short, regularly one pushes the bike, it's crevant!
End of the day we are rinsed, and Emilie announced be put to 20kms away... arf, was exhausted that is being done? Go, zou, a last kick of motivation and it was decided to force some to join. After a few kilometres of road and still not evil of sand tracks, we get to the campsite at 7.45 p.m.... relieved!

Between countryside and seaside resorts

The next day, our roads separate for good. Quite some paths and then the road, and we arrive at Ustka, where we dine on the beach in front of the most beautiful sunset of the trip: one side miles warm colours of a Sun that out just for a day in the clouds; on the other side a beautiful whole Rainbow... The tent was raised in the dark forest.
On the road, the landscape of campaign are still quite varied. The harvest down its full a little everywhere, and the fields grow now a few strange things... the wind! It's hot, but the small roads are under the trees as our good old South of the France national: it keeps the freshness. It is gently undulating and it's very nice.

Thus continues the following days between campaigns and resorts to shovel. There is little secret of this mass tourism that we cross every day during our beachfront... But it keeps beautiful images at the top of the countryside and forests, as well as a very good impression of Poles, well more smiling than the Russians and a priori rather nice.

Poland, this is only a goodbye?

Now, en route to the Germany, en route to Berlin! But then again there's much to tell... the suite to the next episode!