No, our silence of recent times is not due to a big kick of accident-depression-trick of death that kills. It is simply that all our computer matos share in a spin!

The mac issued the soul a little before Munich, refusing to start. It has taken a little too much vibration between tracks of Mongolia, Laos, the rutted roads of Russia, and paved roads Germans. Suddenly it has managed to recover in Munich (thanks buddies and Estelle's mother) a PC that will do the trick. However it is a bit slow so it is barely possible to leave photos - Exit videos. I will try if I have the time with Windows movie maker to produce 10 seconds per day but it is ultra uptight, everything takes 3 or 4 times longer than before.

Estelle phone (our GPS) is also badly: the humidity of the rain of the last few days has crept and all rust. Charge the battery via the bike is sometimes random, the start/stop button stops responding (Fortunately it turns only!), it will randomly restart, and just lose the GPS chip! So more geolocation but still us have the cards.

Good I pass the details for the unique combination of position cable/phone to be able to my phone supported...

In short everything is fine, it's just annoying and a little galley!

We think of you all and we thank you for your messages of support ptits, it's cool!