Germany, cycling paradise

On 17 August, we turn the German border. Last foreign country of our journey? We thought... but finally... This is only half true!

Delta of the Oder and the Lakes region

We discover little by little a varied campaign that seems richer than that of Poland. Tractors are larger and more new, pretty houses lining the road, orchids bloom windows and the gardens are full of color.
We are in the Delta of the Oderknown natural reserve of birds lovers; and quickly we on the peninsula of Usedom. We want to move across the water for the night, but we arrive 15 minutes after the last tray and tired, we ask the tent at the Lake, opposite an old bridge which was formerly used to the passage of the train. Its imposing structure is impressive!
In the morning, it was decided to leave the island by road in the direction of Anklam, first big city after crossing the border. We are going through swamps and beautiful Woods, on a pleasant cycle track. It seems crazy to find so many bike paths everywhere... and it will quickly become a habit in Germany!
Short tour of the old town ofAnklam, super Kebab too good to €3 (it has good Turkish immigration in Germany!), and we are again back to the countryside on bike paths and small country roads. We were promised lots of wild birds in the region... we are a little disappointed not to see as much as we had hoped. Being in bike we cannot possibly go to the right places to see. In contrast to other riders, that does not lack! Germans basically. We really are in the land of the bicycle!
We take to the South through forests and leave the delta of the Oder. At the edge of a road, on a corner of grass opposite two houses, we fall evening on a table: the spots of the evening with table, we love. The papi of the corner greets us with a smile; and it gives us even its water for a good shower hose: hard not to stay overtime under this delicious fresh water after a hot day of bike!
The next day, we spend the day on roads of countryside between forest and fields, with wind turbines. There's really little traffic and we are surprised by the superb quality of the asphalt: this also changes the Poland!
At the end of day, we reach our goal: Templinwhere the Warmshowers await us. It is actually their holiday home and we feel fast as with us, in the middle of this family and their friends. It passes there 24 hours of relaxation to discuss, eat, make the wild parts of ping pong, swimming in the nearby Lake...
We have few kilometres before reaching the capital... Berlin! Then slowly driving through the forest to the North of Berlin where asked the tent super lakeside North of Berlin. It is warm and clear, many Berlin come to bathe in Jersey... or naked! Because Yes, we will see several times, many Germans are adherents of naturism!

Berlin, long-awaited city!

As soon as the programming of our course at least a year and a half, this city was part of essential.

On Saturday, August 22, we arrive at the outskirts of the city, but one feels in the countryside until only 10kms before arrival! It is rare that access to capital is so nice!

We spend 4 days in Berlin with our friend Anne-Laure.
We discover different facets of this city:

  • its tourist coast, with long walks in the city; the Reichstag, the potzdamer platz, the door of Brandenburg, the island museums...
  • its historical side If present:
    The Holocaust memorial, which is very impressive; the exciting Jewish Museum.
    Tout ce qui concerne le mur de Berlin bien sûr : le mémorial du mur où on réalise bien ce que pouvait être cette séparation entre Berlin Ouest et Berlin Est.
    East side gallery (beaucoup mieux de nuit que de jour) : un très long pan de mur tagué.
    Le DDR museum sur la vie en Allemagne de l’ouest (un peu moyen… regardez le film Good bye Lenin vous en apprendrez presque autant).
  • sa vie quotidienne : plein de parcs, de jolies rues, des quartier résidentiels où on sent le style encore présent de l’Est dans l’architecture. De nombreux bars, variés, jolis – et même un Biergarten bavarois. Et puis forcément quand on vient à Berlin, il faut goûter son fameux currywurst !
  • Berlin, côté underground : il ne faut pas oublier que Berlin est le berceau de la techno. C’est encore un haut lieu de fête et de découverte de DJs et c’est un côté qui passionne Thomas. Il est aussi allé découvrir quelques célèbres lieux abandonnés. Et puis Raw 99 et ses hangars tagués, ça a du style, la nuit !

Bref, nous avions déjà été chacun une fois à Berlin, et cette fois encore, cette ville nous a vraiment séduit ! En plus, ici, le vélo est roi – vraiment ! Alors que demander de mieux pour des cyclos autour du monde ! 😉

Partager notre aventure

Les villes comme Berlin c’est vraiment chouette. Mais au bout d’un moment, malgré tout, les jambes ont envie de pédaler ! Pour quelques jours, nous avons une guest VIP : Anne-Laure pédale avec nous !

À la sortie de Berlin, on découvre Tempelhof, aéroport fermé en 2008 ; entre 1967 et 1989, il a permis le pont aérien between West Berlin and West Germany. It is now a huge park where people come to kite skate... and even the battery! We drive all three for two days and half, and 160kms on the bike R1. It passes through the beautiful city of Potzdam, countryside, forest and its delicious blueberries...
Side camping, the home will be tested in a garden, Wild camping in the forest and in the rain, and camping normal.
In short it was great this moment together and be able to share with this friend of the things of our trip that the words were hard to explain.


Nous la laissons au train à Lutherstadt-Wittenbergen. Cette ville est vraiment une très jolie ville médiévale, frontière entre le Land du Brandenburg (le Land entourant Berlin) et la Saxe-Anhalt. Les jours suivants, nous roulons essentiellement sur des pistes cyclables : la D11 plus particulièrement. On croise toujours beaucoup de cyclo-touristes allemands qui, au vu de leur chargement, doivent partir quelques jours en vacances à vélo.

Nous ne quittons cette piste cyclable que lorsque l’envie nous prend de rouler un peu plus vite, ou couper un des énième détour que fait la piste. Mais nous passons dans de beaux endroits… et on se rend compte que depuis qu’on est dans la Saxe-Anhalt, les paysages sont moins monotone, les village semblent plus anciens. Et puis aussi, on longe la rivière Saale, qui donne plein de vie à ces vallées.
Depuis qu’on a quitté Berlin, il fait de plus en plus hot. From 10 h, it is 30 ° at the counter; between the heat and moisture from the River, the morning is the feast of midges and best avoided too talk or yawn at the risk of making a genocide of midges in a bite!

In the day to regularly do full gourds - thing easy in a country like the Germany, this is not the galley what it could be Mongolia ! Fortunately this bicycle D11 is regularly sheltered by trees; in the forest or even... under fruit trees! It is full of apples and they cook good compotes House ! Et le soir, la proximité de la Saale nous permet de prendre un bon bain !

In short, Germany until 31 August, it was really easy, holidays what! The result is always very pleasing but with a little more spice: c & rsquo; is where !


Arte has done an excellent documentary on how the fall of the Wall was able to be born a musical and cultural movement, Thomas warmly recommend you watch a part of history that we understand better after watching this docu ... Come in (go to 52min) and press play!