Go October 10!

CA is there, THIS IS THE END. For real, we will go, pull in a normal life. Before that,. Let's have a party!

We cross the finish line October 10, 2015.

[Countdown date = 2015/10 / 10-16: 30: 00] [countup date = 2014/09/15] We therefore on the road since [dtimer]. [/ Countup] Arrival in Le Havre [timer] !
[After] We have arrived in Le Havre!

Last blows of pedal and Finish... around 4: 30 p.m. in the Park of the rose garden Holy address! (We hardly dare to imagine the last blows of pedal!)

Enjoy cycling with us the last day of the journey of intothewheel! Last step: Etretat in le Havre, through the Norman countryside.

Some technical details:

  • Our merry band of cyclists 20 (for now) will be framed and guided by members of cycling clubs; for the last day, we let ourselves Guide!
  • Finish line at the Park from the rose garden : 27, rue du Docteur Dubosc, 76310 Sainte Adresse

If you join us this day there, it's top! We will be happy to share this moment! But to facilitate the Organization, thanks to a small message to notify us.