The arrival!

Here it is, this is the last week...

Monday, October 5, we leave the Paris region. But who is this new roommate for the last week? Is Regis, friend of childhood of Thomas! It's great to be with a buddy, it's a little party and it avoids thinking too at the end approaching.

For this first day of road, Regis would regret almost of have accompanied us: under a nearly continuous rain from noon until evening. It seems that the Vexin plateau is a very nice place: we can't confirm you, seen in the fog!

Suddenly the evening, it is well soaked and even the Goretex are more airtight. Asked local where to find shelter, a shed or garage... Cabbage-white! At la Roche-Guyon, someone finally we indicate a Gîte for €9 in the centre of the village. It is ultimately the only in this kind of Youth Hostel: we install in the kitchen, put the oven started to heat the room and extend all our affairs dipped. in the morning, everything is dry.


The following days, Régis regrets a little less vacation with us: the weather improves. It runs along the Seine, arrive in Normandy, his cows, its thatched roofs, Giverny... In the evening, we are facing the Seine, a good Campfire wood (and even a few showers, but our) rain dance les éloigne 🙂 )

We are then at Rouen, city where we met, Thomas and me. Again full of memories!
Then the climb to Mont Saint Aignan (the town is aptly named, we can confirm: it is a sacred) Mount) and the reunion with my brother and his family. They have not seen them since more than a year! The family has since expanded with a small last arrival in January: so finally! We have the pleasure to give kisses for real (a little harder for Thomas because the full beard seems not too pleasing to the miss). In short, even if Skype has given us the impression not to leave so long, it's too nice to meet for real!

Rouen, last stage of our city. We pass the 16,000 km ! Well, it smells pretty darn the scorched everything! One feels that the trip is finished. But we enjoy well in recent days, the hilly countryside of the pays de Caux, small roads without traffic, the colors of the fall everywhere. The last three days, the time is quite nice with us: it's cold, but not a drop of rain.

On Thursday night, this is the handle in sight! On the heights of Veules-les-roses, we ask your tent in a field not far from the cliff: beautiful but chilly with a thermometer that indicates quickly 4 °.

The Normandy coast is thus shaped: the cliffs of 70 to 100 m tall, and the coastal villages in the "hollow" (so-called valleuse), at the level of the sea. That goes down and then it goes back to each city or village. In short, go along the Norman coast by bike, is not easy (especially for Thomas whose Thomas bike rebelled 24 hours before arrival - the broken front derailleur mechanism - Thomas will end the journey on a single platter!)
Autre particularité de la région : l’accent. Régis s’initie à l’accent normand au marché de Saint-Valéry-en-Caux, et pour un gars du sud… c’est pas très joli. 🙂

En route to the last!

This Friday, October 9, our friends the Duduswith which we were driving in Turkey, call us: they are there for our line of arrival the next day. “we camped together for your last night?“. Too weird to see land all four in Normandy, after have met them in Turkey and Laos; We laugh when we see them set up the tent in city clothes. We spend an evening around the fire until late at night, to remember our stories of cyclists, talk back, and each other.

Saturday morning, there are only a few kilometres to the point of venue for the last day all together. It is something for us these kilometers! I have a good shot of blues that happens when it collapses once the tent. Each in his thoughts, you pedal up to Etretat.

For the last day, we are thirty to roll, mentored by members of Le cycling clubs.

It is framed by real pros! It has the right to the sweeper cars and a surentrainee team that makes us the security to small onions. These last kilometres are out of time, we do not really understand that we are finishing the great trip. 32 kms from pleasure, to discuss with each other. Some buddies and family ride with us, the other party awaits us firm foot on the finish line.

How to explain this moment where all fusses around us, where everyone comes to us from across the country? It's like a kind of beneficent bottleneck that accompanies us to turn this page of our history. Our families and friends that have both missed us this year, buddies that we got on the road, it's crazy that everyone that is there for us.

It crosses the line of arrival at Sainte Adresse - above the Haven - this October 10, 2015, at around 16:30. Everyone we congratulate, we welcome. The time for rhetoric has come, the two dads open the ball, then it's our turn. Discussed with everyone... and presto! It's already finished, storing and after a booooonne shower, we find ourselves at the bar to celebrate our return.

Let's celebrate!

The coastal shelter We treat, they are fully and love our project. Thank you for your welcome guys!
Late in the evening and small Committee, Thomas buddies reserve him a nice surprise: a lawn mower! It was planned, he wanted and it is in a continuous laughter that everyone brings his touch to create/give a fleeting style is this beard, who will be cut flush 15 minutes later.

It was a most memorable evening, I would like to thank everyone tremendously! Everything went beautifully, and all the ingredients were brought together to make this bike day and evening remain forever engraved in our little heads.

In short, we wanted to tell you: thank you!