The pleasure of the mountains

That's it, the real life we catch up little by little, we put panniers. Return to sedentary life (or almost). But for you, it is not finished... the continuous blog!

For starters, side blog, we want to make up for the delay because of our computer worries and make you live the last weeks of our journey.

You were left at the top of a pass out of the Germany... On the way, fly us immediately to the Austrian Tirol!

Österreich, the "eastern realm".

The Austria begins well: a beautiful descent of 15 kms, almost as far as Reutte! And passing by Plansee, Nice artificial lake.
After a night on the edge of a path - spot dodo found in the light of the headlamp - we advance towards our last big adventure, 60 km away.

Top 45 kilometers, it's the wrong dish that rises gently; It smells okay mountain, the bells of cows which tinkle and geraniums that colour the balconies of the chalets...
After Steeg, approximately 15 kms before the pass, the road takes the percentage! The slope is very variable, but never violent. You arrive quickly in tight valleys, under that imposing as beautiful presence of summits at 2000-2500 m around us. Then we are in a large ski resort: feel good, we like the atmosphere of mountain; and even if it seems crazy to be arrived up there by bicycle, it was not very hard. The Chinese collars We learned patience and relativity!
In short, we are happy to pass this pass, the Offer, 1675 m above sea level. The gusts of wind shakes us but it still takes time to make some photos, before enjoying the descent...

The Valley, on the outskirts of the village of Shoppernau, in a wooden shelter with table and spring water tap! It is perfect to eat, ask the tent... and even showering once nightfall - brrr, what is cold!

The next day, in the morning, it's nice, but we fight against a strong headwind. It runs along a river that nothing than by its colour, deters us swimming: water is transparent... but blue and ice! Then the wind brings clouds, at the beginning of a small pass of 9 km of climbing. The sky covers... The wind subsides but the drizzle starts to fall and then turns into a stronger rain. We get soaked to the bone to the col, at 1156 m, in the rain, fog and cold! In the descent until DornbirnI do heat the brakes, because taking speed with cold rhyme scathing...

Arrived in the city, it still raining very hard: it was decided that night, you sleep in camping. All campsites are across the border, that is to say in Switzerland! Ouch, what are the rates of campsites in Switzerland?

24 hours in the country of ptits Swiss

Seeing we arrive, I believe that an employee who greets us is pity of our allure of dog wet. It offers us a hot chocolate for us warm up, talking with enthusiasm about our adventure. Referring to a bit rates, we learn that there's no wifi in the campsite... Seeing our air pissed off, it begins as seek us a solution nearby, then calls his boss. The language here is German, certainly... but especially Switzerland-German, and therefore a terrible accent which is that I don't understand anything! After some time, they offer us a "bungalow" (actually a caravan with a shelter hardcoded before) for... €15, the same price as the tent!

Banco! We are warm, and rapidly dry laundry over the small electric heater running at bottom all night... The days the more galleys are sometimes those who end the better!

The next day, Friday, September 18: it is always covered with some scattered raindrops, but the time is still much less catastrophic! It runs along the Lake Constance. This part of the Switzerland is astonishing: one passes from the campaign at City super fast, there are sheep and donkeys between homes in what appears to be the city. It is rather nifty! But it had repeatedly extolled us the beauty of Lake Constance, was a little disappointed; Maybe the overcast sky makes the place less attractive than usual. Okay, this is not bad either, and the old town of Arbon, for example, is very nice.

Less nice in Switzerland: McDonald's! Okay, it survives there, you tell me! But all cyclos in Europe will tell you, McDonald's is important because it is the place where you can have access to the Internet easily. We do this afternoon here in Switzerland is a failure: the menu is really not good, cher (13 euros!), old-fashioned place, and especially, the internet connection limited to 1 hour per day. In short, there is just time to study the continuation of the course. We had to stay in Switzerland a few days before joining the France, but the idea of moving to Strasbourg Show family and friends do not released... We realize that there is time to make a detour to spend, then change last minute: after going down South to the Alps, Cape North to Strasbourg!

At the end of day, we are Constance ! Tiens en fait, Constance, c’est déjà l’Allemagne ! Et aujourd’hui commence l’Oktoberfest