Our year of travel, seen by students

Remember : a class of CE2 - CM1 followed us throughout our year around the world.

They wasn't videos and photos with their teacher, and then we were sending emails with comments and questions about what they had seen. In the program of the year, the teacher sometimes part of our project to his lessons.

In short, we asked them to make a small year in review this sharing, to tell us what had pleased them or dislike.

If it is gray, you are depressed, this article is for you: their child look shouldn't leave you marble!

Good reading! (and a few other surprises at the bottom of the article!)

Hi to both!

We liked all animals present in your site.
We loved your site because we have learned lots of things.

Nothing does us disliked!

We learned as the currency exchange and in other countries, itthere no internet connection!

Goodbye and see you soon!

Chloe and Simon

What we learned:

It was learned new countries and new foods.

What we liked least:

It is that ants have eaten your sausage.

What we liked:

We liked everything!

Clara Clemency and Thibaud

Hello Estelle and Thomas

Loved when the lambs were the trampoline on your tent,
We love your photos with the mountains, animals, birds and too cute pandas.
It is amazing that there is lot of desert!
10,000 kilometres is a lot!
Thanks for your country sheets it's awesome we love.
It loved when Thomas made himself a tattoo of lizard by the Lady.
It's awesome that tourists cannot go dressed with a t-shirt with shoulder nude and a short skirt.
Impressive animals go in the fields and that the masters do not arrive at the find,

Thank you send us messages on gmail when it wrote you.


Hello Estelle and Thomas

What we liked:

The pandas were very cute.
The fauna and flora were also very varied and very pretty.

What they did not like:

When you are past next to a flood, a fire.

What were selected:

That there are many Buddhists in Asia (the majority).
That customs are different (sports, holidays etc...)

EVA and ERINNYE greet you!

Hello to both.

It's funny that in Thailand there are socks in their class.
It was too cute when you said hello to the panda.
It was weird when people stood the little finger in the street.
We find that it is a nice trip but it is difficult to make as many kilometres!

Gabriel and Camille

Dear Estelle and Thomas

We liked the small foals the panda.

We also loved the panorama.

We also loved the photos and videos.

End we all liked.

Good bye.

Lilyan and Jeanne.

Hello Estelle and Thomas

The year in review

The positives: We love your videos. We learn many things Thanks to the country sheets... We love your site.

The negatives: It is not much Thomas on the photos.

The points that have marked us: When Thomas made the Cree to keep away yaks of the road.

Big kisses to you both!

Leana and LouAnn

Hello Estelle and Thomas

We well liked when you massage.
We well liked when you're left to visit statues,
We have liked you took pictures of the pandas,
We well liked when you go in schools,
J not well liked when you said big words,
We well liked when you went by boat,

Nnenna Katia and Diego

Hello Estelle and Thomas it is hoped it will, we will it.

What is loved

Yaks was well liked because they were funny.
The Buddha with the sunglasses was hilarious.
We also loved the temples, they were very nice.
Everyone laughed when Thomas made the clown with the carcass of an animal.
Our favorite countries are China and the Mongolia.

What scored us

In countries the school was not compulsory ca us much scored.
When Estelle went to the hospital.
In China they had no right to the internet.
It also scored us when you have announced that you were going to make the tour of Europe and Asia by bike.

What we have learnt

In the country sheets we learned lot of things like the euro, the language, the area...

Thank you goodbye.

Stuart Aurélien Malo

elevs arrivee

Some came to greet us on the finish line.

Then we went back to see them at the school.

With the teacher, they had prepared us a gift: a booklet of poems and drawings what they have done in the year. We love, so we share!

"The voyage of Estelle and Thomas" rimes

Beautiful posters