A point, but not final

Yes, we returned, but no this is not the end of the site so far. There are still lots of things to tell you, those that followed. and plenty to share with those who would follow in our footsteps in this beautiful adventure of cycling trip.

First of all, it would mean full of great thanks. OK, this post is not the most exciting, but you can't imagine what point these Thanks come from the bottom of the heart. Without all these people, things would have been so much less cool...

Come on, I start!

Thanks to all those who have enabled us to finance the trip (through the Kitty "wedding gift"); Thanks to our loved ones who supported us (in both senses of the term) before and during the trip, which have organized us memorable Committee of departure and return, and continue to be there after the trip.

Thanks to all those who, by their messages, comments, helped us pedaling some days, and do not fall into a routine, to keep conscience the chance we had and enjoy everything that we could.
Thanks to the small hands of the shadows, those who helped us for our site, to those who have contributed to the translation of our site by correcting the Google translate in different languages.

And above all a huge thank you to all those people that are met, who welcomed us, hosted, sometimes even fed. Local, but also Backpackers and especially cyclists, we have learned so much in your company. These were sometimes furtive, sometimes longer meetings, you're maybe just past in our lives, or you became friends.

But each in your own way, you've transformed this experience for us, you have made us change.

Mosaique de nos rencontres, Merci !

A mosaic of a few meetings... and many others in our heads!

(Once the busy page, stroll the mouse on the image... surprise!)