The Alternatiba Tour 2018

During our tour of Eurasia, we became aware of the impact that man can have on his environment: from the polluted cities of China to the alarming climatic conditions of Mongolia, we received in full face this reality that is the climate deregulation. Today I have decided to give and get involved in an association that promotes solutions to climate change: Alternatiba.


I realize that we were lucky to make this trip in conditions that my children will probably not know, that we saw fauna and flora that are disappearing.

Who wants fresh meat?

Above: The mass death of livestock as a result of increasingly late spring snowstorms.

I want Alice and my future children to be able to experience what I have experienced, to be able to discover the beauty of the world as we have seen it. I also want them to be able to live in a peaceful world where oil is no longer the rule, where welcoming climate refugees is a priority, where the creativity of green entrepreneurs is rewarded and where everyone takes ownership locally. part of the problem and gives its solution.

Acting is good, so why deprive yourself of it?!

Yes, it feels good to be part of an AMAP and to eat food picked up that morning in a field near our home, it feels good to throw less trash by having compost, it feels good to pay less energy bill, to be more independent, to tinker!

A 5800km bike tour

About 3 months ago I came across this video announcing the launch of a 5800km bike journey in France and neighboring countries to talk about local ecological initiatives:

I thought the principle was great, so I took part in the crowdfunding – then I thought that I might be able to help out with the organization of a stage, so I offered to help on the site. And boom! Alternatiba Nantes contacted me and here I am with them in the preparations for the coming of the Tour on July 1st in Nantes.

If you are reading this message it is that you like cycling and that you surely have a sensitivity to ecology, then what I want to ask you is to communicate as much as possible about this tour which will certainly pass near you. See their journey on their website, volunteer on D-Day or even before, and above all do like me, talk about this crazy adventure that will do good to your loved ones or on social networks!

The Nantes stage

Round will arrive on July 1st in Nantes, about thirty volunteers (including me) are currently organizing a village of alternatives that will take place behind Nantes Cathedral, at Cours Saint Pierre. This event will result in a great festive and popular day, both educational and militant, with two highlights:

  • The parade : to start this day in a festive atmosphere, a big parade will leave at 11 a.m. from the Cours Saint-Pierre to stroll through the city center of Nantes. Everyone is invited to come in costume, with bicycles, scooters and other objects on wheels to celebrate the alternatives and invite passers-by to join the parade.
  • The Course of Change : from noon to 9 p.m., Alternatiba takes over the Saint-Pierre course, renowned for the occasion. An event in which more than 50 local actors will take part (Artisans du monde, CoWatt, Nantes, the Edible City, the Human Rights League, etc.). Instead of the classic stands, experiential workshops, conferences, round tables, debates, artistic presentations will be offered. The event will be open to the general public, not just activists, and will approach Change through the prism of several thematic areas, such as citizenship and democracy, economy and work, daily transition, etc.

The Nantes team of Alternatiba needs to collect 1200€ to organize the coming of the Tour to Nantes: we have set up a donation page, support us !

Here is the presentation video of the Nantes stage made by me with a lot of special effects (be careful, it can sting!):

Do not hesitate to register for theevent facebook, follow the association and spread the message!