Our book: See the world by bike


Through anecdotes and photos of our adventure, discover the 15 reasons that made us fall in love with the bike ... and you, will you maybe ride your bike for a few days or a few months!

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How pace innérant cycling allows discover the landscape differently? The fact of not knowing where to sleep it can be a nice feeling? The bike trip, a greater closeness to nature? ...

In short, what privileges the bike trip he offer?

The bike trip is a great way to discover our planet and the people who live there. After our trip a year, Estelle and I returned changed by this world who marched under our wheels and our eyes during these 16000km.

One can not help motivate people around us to try the adventure bike ; this is one of our goals and our blog videos of this year.

Today we want to go further. In a beautiful Photo album, discover 15 reasons that we believe make the bike trip is an experience that must be lived ; we decipher the reasons for usinganecdotes lived this year. Find through these experiences and photos, the highlights of our trip.

This book is an invitation to travel slow, very different from the tourist ready that we sell. It is an invitation to forget his travel guide, not to over predict the trip, to let go.

About us


After living in the extraordinary bicycle travelers community, I can not help but motivate people around me to take the plunge. If we talk about photography, the number of occasion generated by such a trip is phenomenal! We spent two thirds of our nights camping, we were constantly on the road; we were welcomed into homes all over the world, met so many amazing characters: each occasion is a chance for the photograph.

Je suis passionné de photo depuis de nombreuses années, de la prise de vue au tirage en passant par le développement ; j’ai pu exercer cette passion au sein de multiples clubs-photo, et c’est là que j’ai eu la chance de cotoyer des photographes professionnels et de suivre leurs formations.

Mes participations

“Racing Extinction” : j’ai capturé une vidéo d’un saut de baleines à Provincetown près de Boston qui a été projeté sur l’Empire State Building à New-York puis sélectionné dans le film “Racing extinction"(The director of" The Cove "- Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature 2010) aired on Discovery Channel in 220 countries in December 2015.

The whale that I filmed in the projected Provincetown Bay on the Empire State Building. Photo credit: OPS

My achievements

This year on the road:

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