The project

Welcome !

Initially, we created this site to stay in touch during the year on the road and share our experiences. Today that we have returned to France, we will gradually reorganize it for future bike travelers – which you may be.

But how did we get here? Cycling around the world, what an idea! …

The genesis


What do we do for the holidays?

It all started 6 years ago, when we took our first bike ride. The idea came a bit by chance, I like camping and I wanted to go on my own by bike; I convinced Estelle (quite easily) and when summer came we set off on the roads of France. The discovery of this mode of transport pleases us right away, just the idea of ​​sleeping in nature / in a place that is not intended for that (in a forest in the Landes on the first evening) is enough to make us all mad… Yes, we don't need much.

Ride all day, be outside all the time, discover villages, regions, enjoy the morning and evening atmospheres in the middle of nature, come across deer on cycle paths, see a family of rabbits quiet in a field, chatting with the people of the villages you meet... All that in a few days - it's so intense that the hook takes you straight! We would henceforth spend our summer holidays in the saddle.

And we were already sharing with you on the internet, with the big brother of Into the wheel :

The project


What are we doing for the honeymoon?

I proposed to Estelle during our last cycling holiday in summer 2013, at the top of our Munich-Venice journey. The idea of ​​a long bike trip did not come immediately; Finally, we can discuss the term “long”. Let's say that Estelle was the first to have the idea of ​​a honeymoon... a month on a bike, and that she wanted to see Asia. We agree, Asia in a month is not playable by bike :). By trying to see how many kilometers a possible bike trip would take, we realized that it takes several months… And between several months and a year, in the end, the investment is almost the same.

We agreed on a year, on leaving Paris, so our apartment, our jobs, not seeing our family, our friends, our colleagues (sisi!), then leaving for a year to the adventure.

The path

Our criteria: avoid flying too many times, visit Asia, the Balkans, leave and arrive from the cities where you grew up, take your time and not race for miles to afford detours or breaks along the way.

We blend…

And hop the estimated route, it gave that!

Why the Balkans?

Dave and Bethany are the first cycle tourists to come to us in Paris, via the excellent community of cycle travelers “Warmshower”. They are about our age and when we received them in September 2012 at our house, they were in the middle of a two-year trip on a bike; well, I let you imagine the size of our eyes when they told us what they had seen and experienced… In short, all that to say that they visited Croatia, Macedonia, and that they warmly recommended it to us .

So hop, in the shopping list.

Croatia, Montenegro, Albania… click on the links to read some of our adventures!


It was a starting postulate, originally we wanted to make this trip around Asia. Discover the Thailand, the Cambodia, the Laos, the Vietnam, the China inspired us from the start. In addition, we know that it is a relatively easy destination for cyclists because there is food everywhere, of good quality, and for not expensive at all, you can stay like kings for not much.

The Trans-Siberian

The idea came very quickly, to go from the Chinese countries to the gates of Europe (Saint-Petersburg). The fact that two girlfriends did it also played a role in the choice of this means of transport; discover the Mongolian steppes, take a short tour around the lac Baikal… It makes you want quite easily.

Back to home

Until our arrival in Russia, we did not know if we were going through the north or the south of the Baltic Sea. After having discussed it a lot with other travelers and depending on the time we had left, we decided to go through the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

This is also the advantage of going on a bike: giving yourself time to choose and change plans depending on the circumstances.

So, does that make you want to?