The project

Welcome !

Initially, we created this site to keep in touch during the year on the road and share our experiences. Today we returned to France, we will gradually reorganize for future travelers Cycling - you perhaps are.

But how did we get here? From cycling around the world, what an idea! ...

How it all began


what’s the plan for our holidays ?

Tout commence il y a 6 ans, lorsqu’on fait notre premier trajet à vélo. L’idée est venue un peu par hasard, j’aime le camping et j’avais envie de partir en autonomie à vélo ; j’ai convaincu Estelle (assez facilement) et l’été venu nous voilà partis sur les routes de France. La découverte de ce mode de transport nous plait tout de suite, rien que l’idée de dormir dans la nature / dans un endroit qui n’est pas prévu pour ça (dans une forêt des Landes le premier soir) suffit à nous rendre tout fou… Oui, il nous en faut peu.

Ride all day, be outside all the time, discovering villages, regions, enjoy the morning and evening atmosphere in the middle of nature, crossing deer on bike paths, see a family of rabbits raised tranquillou in the field, talking to people from the villages who crosses ... All this in a few days - it's so intense that the hook takes live! We were now spend our summer holidays in the saddle.

And we were already talking to you through Into the wheel : which preceded Into the Wheel.

The project


What shall we do for our honeymoon ?

J’ai demandé Estelle en mariage lors de notre dernières vacances à vélo en été 2013, au sommet de notre périple Munich-Venise. L’idée d’un long trip à vélo n’est pas venue immédiatement ; enfin, on peut discuter sur le terme “long”. Disons qu’Estelle a eu la première l’idée d’un voyage de noces… d’un mois à vélo, et qu’elle avait envie de voir l’Asie. On est d’accord, l’Asie en un mois, c’est pas jouable à vélo :). En essayant de voir combien de kilomètres ferait un éventuel trajet à vélo, on s’est rendu compte qu’il faut plusieurs mois… Et entre plusieurs mois et un an, au final, l’investissement est quasi le même.

So we reached an agreement: For a year we would leave Paris and thus our flat and our jobs, not see much of our family, mates, colleagues (yes, them too) and go where our fancy would take us.

The Route

Our requirements : not too many flights, visits to Asia and the Balkans, leaving from and coming back to the towns where we had grown up, taking our time and privileging detours and breaks along the way over the extra miles.

Mix it all …

And hop the planned trip, it gave it!

Why the Balkans ?

Dave and Bethany are the first touring cyclists who came to us in Paris, via the excellent cyclists community “Warmshower”. They are more or less our age and when we received them in September 2012 they were in the middle of a two-year cycling trip. You can imagine our stares as they were telling us about what they had seen and experienced ... In short they had been to Croatia and Macedonia and strongly recommended it.

Bingo we added it to our shopping list.

Croatia, Montenegro, Albania... click on the links to read some of our adventures!


It was a premise, originally we wanted to make this trip around Asia. discover Thailand, the Cambodia, the Laos, the Viet Nam, the China gave us wanted from the start. Moreover, we know that it is a relatively easy destination for cyclists because there has food everywhere, good quality, and very cheap, you can fit like kings for not much.

The Trans-Siberian railway

The idea came very quickly to go Chinese regions at the gates of Europe (St. Petersburg). The fact that two friends have done so also played in the choice of means of transport; discovering the Mongolian steppes, take a walk around the lac Baikal... It makes easily envy.

Back Home

Until our arrival in Russia, we did not know if we proceed north or South of the Baltic Sea. After not bad discussion with other travelers and in function of the time that it remained, we decided to go through the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

It is also the advantage to bike: to give time to choose and change plans depending on the circumstances.

So, it makes you want?