Who are we ?

This is now 8 years we are together. We got married July 12, 2014. We are different one from the other by some points, but on full like that!

Let us introduce one another :

Estelle (as seen by Thomas)


Town where Estelle grew up : Le Havre (where we end our trip)

Profession before departure: Nurse at the European Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris.

Estelle is a go-getter, a little tornado (according to her department head at the hospital) as efficient as she is fast. In the middle of the night, she can even put a sterile strip over the open wound on my eyebrow,(dark story there), disinfect it all and then go back to sleep in less than ten minutes, less time than it takes me to recover from it all.

Bon le côté “tornade” vient aussi du fait de sa maladresse (je ne pouvais pas passer à côté). Quand il ne s’agit pas de son travail, il arrive qu’Estelle, parfois, dans un moment inopportun, se laisse aller et fasse tomber quelques objets par terre. Rassurez-vous, le matériel qu’on a acheté pour le tour du monde est solide 🙂

She is also : hard working, valiant, grouchy, organized, resourceful, a kick boxer (she has 3 brothers) and a biker.

Thomas (as seen by Estelle)


Town where Thomas grew up : Millau (where the trip begins)

Job before the trip : Engineer at PSA (Paris)

Thomas is very composed. It takes a lot to get him worked up (the only time I saw him lose his temper was on the day our bikes were stolen). When things have to be organized, if it is not something he likes, he is not motivated at all; but as soon as it is about something he likes... he does things thoroughly and is a real stickler! To get his own way, he can spend hours on something which doesn’t work the way he wants.

He is said not to like change but his love for travelling on a bike has made him see things differently : witness this long journey !

He is also : generous, trustworthy, affectionate, funny, handy around the house, creative, a party-goer, a biker.

After several small experiments in cycling and a few years of living together, we begin to good to know.

And after a year together on the road? Well we much learned about us - and on the other. It is not always easy, but hyper-enriching experience for our couple!