Who are we ?

We have been together for 8 years now. We got married on July 12, 2014. We are different from each other in some ways, but we complement each other just fine!

Let us introduce each other:

Estelle (seen by Thomas)


City where Estelle grew up: Le Havre (Arrival of the trip)

Profession before departure: Nurse, at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital (Paris)

Estelle is a go-getter, a little tornado (according to her head of department at the hospital) as efficient as she is quick in her actions. She even manages to put a steril-strip on the open arcade in the middle of the night (dark story), disinfect everything and then go back to sleep in less than 10 minutes, less than the time it takes me to to put back.

Bon le côté “tornade” vient aussi du fait de sa maladresse (je ne pouvais pas passer à côté). Quand il ne s’agit pas de son travail, il arrive qu’Estelle, parfois, dans un moment inopportun, se laisse aller et fasse tomber quelques objets par terre. Rassurez-vous, le matériel qu’on a acheté pour le tour du monde est solide 🙂

Elle est aussi : bosseuse, vaillante, râleuse, organisée, débrouillarde, kick boxeuse (elle a 3 frères), bikeuse.

Thomas (vu par Estelle)


Ville où Thomas a grandit : Millau (Départ du trip)

Profession avant le trip : Ingénieur chez PSA (Paris)

Thomas is very calm, it takes a lot to really annoy him (the only time I saw him really angry was the day our bikes were stolen). When it comes to organizing things, if he doesn't like it, he's not motivated at all; but when it comes to something he likes… he goes all out and is very picky! He can spend hours on something that doesn't work the way he wants, to get his way.

They say he doesn't like change, but the love of cycling has made him see things differently: the proof is in this great trip!

It is also : generous, trustworthy, affectionate, funny, handyman, creative, party animal, biker.

After several small experiences in cycle tourism and a few years of living together, we are starting to get to know each other well.

And after a year together on the road? Well we learned a lot about ourselves and about each other. It’s not always an easy experience, but it’s very rewarding for our couple!