Le 24 juin, nous arrivons à Moscou très tôt dans la matinée. On découvre doucement la ville à vélo ; une ville qui se réveille tout juste. L’occasion de voir la célèbre place Rouge à 7h du matin, vide de son habituel flot de touristes : top !

That's it, it's back to Europe. And above all the happiness of finding your loved ones!

Après notre périple dans les steppes, on passe 3 jours chez notre hôte Froit et sa femme ; ils nous accueillent tellement bien qu’on se sent presque comme à la maison. Mais il faut bien repartir un jour !

Part 2/2: We cut the article in half to make it easier to read. To read the beginning, it's here!

From Xi’an to Beijing we discover another China. Urban China, the China of the North so different from that of the South. But it's also a 15-day reception by great people.

In this article, climbs, cold, fatigue and difficulties ... but also superb landscapes and beautiful encounters, through an area that once belonged to Tibet and where this culture has been preserved.

Here we go again ! On December 14, we left Bangkok: after almost three weeks of break, we are happy to be back on the road. We head south on big roads for the first two days, it's not always very funny ... but the beach is waiting for us in a short time.

It lives, it moves, it's amazing and exotic! A good start with Asia! From December 6 to 14, we were greeted in the beautiful old Thai-style room, owned by Supaporn, the principal of Supawan School, in the west of the city. We were so good that we did a little bit of back-up. It was a perfect place to get used to the country.

The anecdotes follow each other and are not alike, but for having tested it: Turkish hospitality is remarkable whatever the level of society! Students, rich, poor, practicing Muslims or not, all welcome us without worries!