People everywhere, but superb landscapes and a generous welcome!

In Montenegro we were told: watch out for the Albanians! In the end, this country surprised and disoriented us so much that we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to discover a country that is slowly emerging from communism. Go for a weekend in Tirana (the capital) you'll see, it's really good! Equipment used: Canon EOS 60D Canon EF 24mm f2.8 Canon 18-55 + Sigma 55-200 GoPro Hero 2 Music: Scarecrow – The Well: Superpoze – Jaguar: http://ift. tt/KBaa6X

Our figures of the month! In total, we have traveled 3161 km since the start! That is 1661 kms for this 2nd month. We rode 26 days, for 5 days of rest (it may seem like a lot, but we sometimes did short days of around 40 km) We traveled the roads of Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, and there we is in Greece!

Well, basically, we arrive at the Albanian border not necessarily motivated for this country ... People in Montenegro told us that they are crazy about flying and that we should be wary of them ...

Bienvenue en Albanie ! J’ai choisi 10 secondes de vidéo par jour captées depuis mon vélo pour vous représenter notre quotidien de nomade… N’hésitez pas à commenter ! Plus d’infos : Pris avec ma GoPro Hero 2, son capté via mon Zoom H1, synchro sous Première.