People everywhere, but beautiful landscapes and a generous welcome!

Montenegro we were told: pay attention to the Albanian! Ultimately this country we had so surprised and confused that we warmly recommend it to all those who want to discover a country coming out of communism. Go a weekend in Tirana (the capital city) you'll see, it's really good! Used equipment: Canon EOS 60 d Canon EF 24mm f2.8 Canon 18-55 55-200 GoPro Hero 2 music Sigma: Scarecrow - The Well: Superpoze - Jaguar:

Our numbers of the month! In total, it traveled 3161 kms from the beginning! Either 1661 kms for the 2nd month. It has cycled 26 days for 5 days of rest (it may seem like much, but has sometimes been small days of about 40 kms) On travelled roads of Croatia, Montenegro, the Albania, and here it is in Greece!

Okay, at the base, we arrive at the Albanian border not necessarily motivated to this country... People in Montenegro have told us that they are the fools of the wheels and need to be wary of them...

Welcome in Albania! I chose 10 seconds of video per day captured from my bike to represent you our daily lives of nomadic... Feel free to comment! More info: taken with my GoPro Hero 2, its captured via my Zoom H1, sync below first.