That's it, it's the last week ... Monday, October 5, we leave the Paris region. But who is this new roommate for the last week? It’s Régis, Thomas’s childhood friend! It's great to be with a boyfriend, it's a bit of a party and it keeps us from thinking too much about the end that is approaching.

That's it, THIS IS THE END. For real, we are going to go home, to settle into a normal life. Before that, we're going to party! We will cross the finish line on October 10, 2015. [countdown date = 2015/10 / 10-16: 30: 00] [countup date = 2014/09/15] We are therefore on the road from [dtimer]. [ / countup] Arrival in Le Havre in [timer]! [after] We made it to Le Havre! [/ countdown]

On se rapproche peu à peu de vous ! On profite bien de ce retour en Europe et du confort qu’on y trouve. Et on commence à penser à… la suite !