A poor country which has a complicated history, but dating the slope gradually.

As a modern-day Explorer, here I am in the middle of a forest of cheesemakers invading gradually the remnants of a lost civilization... Pierre Loti said about Angkor Wat, in 1901: "this temple is one of the places in the world where men have piled up more stones, accumulated the most sculptures, ornaments, foliage, flowers and faces. '' This is not as simple as the beautiful lines of Thebes or Boalbek. This is confusing as well as complication of enormity. Of...

Already 5 months! Time passes more and more quickly we say!

The road was resumed after Phnom Penh Saturday, January 10 in the morning. We are super happy to be again able to pedal. After the accident it had imagined moments that if I was broken me something, the journey could end there. We therefore enjoy even better than the adventure continues!

Our experience it is 2:30 pm - it's so hot - it is in a corner pretty declined in Cambodia (between Siem Reap and the border with Laos) where there is neither mains nor running water; there for a long time wanted to visit a school without knowing how to do, and it passes at this time there a small school.

This month was marked by the discovery of Asian routes. The Thailand first, cycling paradise. Then Cambodia, and its incredibly flat roads, but its also amazing traffic.

December 27 at the end of day, we left the Thailand in the rain, to discover Cambodia with the return of the Sun. Just after crossing the border, the mountains and the jungle leave room for a large plain any yellow, beautiful with the return of the Sun! We view the landscapes will be further: rice paddies out of sight, where grazing cows and buffaloes.

It is in Phnom Penh since a week now. It will tell you more in detail the beginning of Cambodia in an upcoming post. But by and large, the 5 senses are activated continuously! Life is less easy than in Thailand, but we like it when even. In short, we wanted to just tell you that we will be blocked even a few days in the capital.