This month was marked by the discovery of Asian routes. Thailand, first of all, the paradise of cycle tourism. Then Cambodia, and its incredibly flat roads, but its traffic just as incredible.

On December 14, we celebrated our first quarter spent traveling around the world, a quarter of our trip! (already!) Well, it must also be said that we have just left after a 3-week vacation in Istanbul and Bangkok. The figures will be very different from the last few months.

Our figures of the month! In total, we have traveled 3161 km since the start! That is 1661 kms for this 2nd month. We rode 26 days, for 5 days of rest (it may seem like a lot, but we sometimes did short days of around 40 km) We traveled the roads of Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, and there we is in Greece!

A quick summary in a few figures… – 1500 km covered by bike – 23 days of cycling and 5 days of rest – 3 countries: France, Monaco and Italy – 1 windy weather alert and 1 day of rain (the rest: sun!) – 3 campsites and 2 warmshower hosts – 0 punctures! 1 good cleaning of the bike (with the baby wipe, it works so well! Thanks Dave for the tip!) – 4 fill-ups of gas (from our stove) – Lots of animals…