What is preferred? The Kocula Islands, without hesitation! But the rest of the country is really nice also.

Our numbers of the month! In total, it traveled 3161 kms from the beginning! Either 1661 kms for the 2nd month. It has cycled 26 days for 5 days of rest (it may seem like much, but has sometimes been small days of about 40 kms) On travelled roads of Croatia, Montenegro, the Albania, and here it is in Greece!

In the program, the islands of Korcula (it was really superb) and Montenegro. People are really friendly and Nice in Montenegro!

... all means are good for travel. But we still prefer on the bike! After leaving Ancona, the city to the different facets (neighborhoods of port and cosmopolitan station, the historic old town, and the very "trendy" modern Center), therefore found gently Croatia.

On the menu this week, we move from Italy to the early cities of Croatia. After a small tour of Zadar in Split is moved to the island of Korcula. It's just more and more beautiful!