Ca y est, c’est la dernière semaine… Lundi 5 octobre, on quitte la région parisienne. Mais qui est ce nouveau colloc pour la dernière semaine ? C’est Régis, ami d’enfance de Thomas ! C’est super d’être avec un copain, c’est un peu la fête et ça nous évite de trop penser à la fin qui approche.

The Poland! Colored spots draw the landscape, bathed from a Sun that heats. The yellow of wheat fields, the green of the trees; the blue so many lakes and the Baltic Sea; the white and black of the cows (Norman? :-)) and storks...

Part 2/2: cutting the article in two to make it easier to read. To read the beginning, it is here!

XI ' year in Beijing we discover one another China. Urban China, North China so different from that of the South. But it is also 15 days of reception by great people.

Laos, its adorable and if smiling people its beautiful landscapes... A relatively flat southern part, but on the other hand... mountainous northern part!

A sensational entry! The happiness of border Arhh! Our first contact with Laos was a thousand leagues of what we lived then. Fortunately!

It is in Phnom Penh since a week now. It will tell you more in detail the beginning of Cambodia in an upcoming post. But by and large, the 5 senses are activated continuously! Life is less easy than in Thailand, but we like it when even. In short, we wanted to just tell you that we will be blocked even a few days in the capital.

Friday, December 5, this is the day J! Europe, ca is finished today, direction airport.

We spent 12 days in Istanbul. The database, expected to spend just a week, but we were faster than what it had been calculated. Finally, we are very pleased with this good break. It helped make a good point and rest... before the season 2 of our adventure: Asia!

A little more than a year ago, we pédalions on a Roman road, the via Claudia Augusta, and Thomas asked me in marriage. For our honeymoon early, we are again on an old Roman road: via Aurelia.

Put play on the song before reading the article good, indeed the song has almost nothing to do with what I write, but I got it in the head not bad these days... because many things take late. Jim Morrison directly reference (for the uneducated which I was part there is 5 minutes before documenting me on wikipedia) to Freudian psychoanalysis as well as shamanism : it's delving into the subconscious, with stories of snakes and demons. In short, nothing to...