Ca y est, c’est la dernière semaine… Lundi 5 octobre, on quitte la région parisienne. Mais qui est ce nouveau colloc pour la dernière semaine ? C’est Régis, ami d’enfance de Thomas ! C’est super d’être avec un copain, c’est un peu la fête et ça nous évite de trop penser à la fin qui approche.

After the first part of our passage in Germany, here is the sequel!

We had left after Beijing. We are now in Mongolia where the days on the bike are fairly intense. Back on our adventures in recent weeks... Part 1 of 2: we cut this article into two parts to make it not too long!

In this article, climbs, cold, fatigue and difficulties... but also landscapes stunning and beautiful meetings, through a zone that once belonged to Tibet and where this culture was preserved.

Ice cubes, it is well; but in the pastis, it's better. Arrivals in Greece rather fresh... Sunday, November 2, is the Albanian-Greek border, at 1000 m altitude. Follows a great descent where a super spot near a river on a lawn of cozy. The mountains all around, the little Creek... the place is paradise if that bears are reported in the region! We at 800 m altitude and 9 p.m., the counter shows 0 ° - Frost formed on...

Okay, at the base, we arrive at the Albanian border not necessarily motivated to this country... People in Montenegro have told us that they are the fools of the wheels and need to be wary of them...

We left our host Marko Thursday, October 23, and Croatia within a few hours. After a stamp in our passports, we view the country little recently. They have no money (use the euro not part of the eurozone) and are only 650 000 inhabitants (see our country sheet).