On December 14, we celebrated our first quarter spent traveling around the world, a quarter of our trip! (already!) Well, it must also be said that we have just left after a 3-week vacation in Istanbul and Bangkok. The figures will be very different from the last few months.

We spent 12 days in Istanbul. Basically, we were planning to spend just a week there, but we were faster than we had calculated. Finally, we are very happy with this good break. It allowed us to make a good point and rest... before starting season 2 of our adventure: Asia!

The anecdotes follow each other and are not alike, but for having tested it: Turkish hospitality is remarkable whatever the level of society! Students, rich, poor, practicing Muslims or not, all welcome us without worries!

Nous arrivons à la fin de la première partie de notre périple ! On vous propose de débriefer un peu avec vous en visioconférence depuis Istanbul à l’heure du café dimanche 30 Novembre 2014 à 13h heure française… Ou pour les plus gros dormeurs (fêtards ?) l’heure du brunch 🙂