Horses, yaks and promising steppes, this country sometimes referred to as "the land of the blue sky" reserve us some nice surprises.

Mes photos publiées ! Mes photos de la fabuleuse Rainbow Caravan rencontrée en Mongolie ont apparemment plu, puisque elles ont servi de support à The third eye, un magazine papier et en ligne sur les cultures alternatives. J’ai eu un très bon contact avec eux, vraiment sympas ! Bref, ça fait toujours plaisir d’être publié 🙂 Une petite vidéo de présentation vaut mieux qu’un long discours Et voici les photos !

One of the biggest experiences in our journey, welcome in Mongolia! Watercolour by love in a campsite because between the Norway and Sweden by my mother: signed Nathan!

A month in Mongolia... and what month! This country leaves us some memorable memories!

After our journey in the steppes, pass 3 days our host cold and his wife; they greet us so that one feels almost like home. But we have to start again one day!

Part 2/2: cutting the article in two to make it easier to read. To read the beginning, it is here!

We had left after Beijing. We are now in Mongolia where the days on the bike are fairly intense. Back on our adventures in recent weeks... Part 1 of 2: we cut this article into two parts to make it not too long!

Audio quiz animal mysteries encountered in Mongolia. Only one animal is hiding behind every sound to you to discover... Note your answers in comments as follows: (1) and (2)!