YES, we are home, but NO this is not the end of the site. We still have plenty of things to tell you, those who have followed us; and lots of things to share, with those who would like to follow in our footsteps in this great cycling travel adventure. First of all, we would like to say a lot of BIG THANKS. OK, this is not the most exciting post, but you just can't imagine how heartfelt these Thanks come from. Without all these people, things ...

Siberia, its vast expanses, its forests, its rich flora and fauna, its superb Lake Baikal… and finally its famous train… the Trans-Siberian!

Part 2/2: We cut the article in half to make it easier to read. To read the beginning, it's here!

We left you after Beijing. We are now in Mongolia where the days on the bike are quite intense. A look back at our adventures over the past few weeks ... Part 1/2: We are cutting this article into two parts so that it does not take too long!

From Xi’an to Beijing we discover another China. Urban China, the China of the North so different from that of the South. But it's also a 15-day reception by great people.

Some go on honeymoon trips around the world by bicycle flower to gun, others do it for a cause: the environment. We shared our Chinese Warmshower Lien host's accommodation with Kim and Simon, a lovely Vietnamese-Australian couple who ride for our planet. We spoke at length about their commitment and their motivations for the journey they are taking today. They left Vietnam and will reach Paris with the objective of the United Nations climate conference which will take place in…

After much hesitation, we decided to go rub shoulders with the drops in the Yunnan mountains (rather than the karst rocks of the Guilin region). Why this choice over the other? The beauty of the landscapes, the few tourists and the urbanization of this area, and then in addition, two other cyclists will ride with us: Emilie and Jérémie, the patches released! But before finding them, a crazy day awaits us ...

Discover one of the oldest civilizations in the world!

After a month in Laos, we enter Vietnam on February 22, by the border of Dien Bien Phu. The road on the Vietnamese side is very damaged, it goes up and down. But we have beautiful landscapes, with rice fields and other diverse cultures.

Laos, its adorable and smiling people, its beautiful landscapes… A relatively flat southern part, but on the other hand a northern part… mountainous!

A shattering entry! Rhaa the happiness of border posts! Our first contact with Laos was a thousand miles from what we experienced afterwards. Fortunately !!

Already 5 months! Time flies faster and faster we would say!

We hit the road after Phnom Penh on Saturday, January 10 in the morning. We are super happy to be able to pedal again; after the accident we had imagined for a few moments that if I had broken something, the trip could end there. We therefore benefit even better as the adventure continues!

This month was marked by the discovery of Asian routes. Thailand, first of all, the paradise of cycle tourism. Then Cambodia, and its incredibly flat roads, but its traffic just as incredible.

Here we go again ! On December 14, we left Bangkok: after almost three weeks of break, we are happy to be back on the road. We head south on big roads for the first two days, it's not always very funny ... but the beach is waiting for us in a short time.

In Bangkok, we stayed with the director of a private school in the city. We spent two mornings learning about the school and sharing great times with the students. Thank you Supaporn for your wonderful welcome!

It lives, it moves, it's amazing and exotic! A good start with Asia! From December 6 to 14, we were greeted in the beautiful old Thai-style room, owned by Supaporn, the principal of Supawan School, in the west of the city. We were so good that we did a little bit of back-up. It was a perfect place to get used to the country.

The time flies ! In recent weeks, we have met a lot of people, the evenings were always very busy; suddenly, we ran out of time to tell you about our adventures. Let's catch up! So we stopped in the middle of Greece…

Ice cubes are fine; but in pastis, it's better. A rather cool arrival in Greece… Sunday November 2, we cross the Albanian-Greek border, at an altitude of 1000m. There follows a great descent where we find a great spot near a river on a very cozy lawn. The mountains all around, the small stream... the place is heavenly except that bears are reported in the region! In addition, we are at an altitude of 800m and at 9 p.m., the counter indicates 0° – frost is forming on…

Well, basically, we arrive at the Albanian border not necessarily motivated for this country ... People in Montenegro told us that they are crazy about flying and that we should be wary of them ...