OUI, nous sommes rentrés, mais NON ce n’est pas la fin du site pour autant. On a encore plein de choses à vous dire, ceux qui nous ont suivi ; et plein de choses à partager, avec ceux qui voudraient suivre nos pas dans cette belle aventure de voyage à vélo. Avant tout, on voudrait dire plein de GRANDS MERCIS. OK, ce message n’est pas des plus passionnants, mais vous n’imaginez pas à quel points ces Mercis viennent du fond du cœur. Sans tout ces gens, les choses…

Siberia, its extensive, its forests, its fauna and its rich flora, its wonderful Lake Baikal... and to finish his famous train... the Transsiberian!

Part 2/2: cutting the article in two to make it easier to read. To read the beginning, it is here!

We had left after Beijing. We are now in Mongolia where the days on the bike are fairly intense. Back on our adventures in recent weeks... Part 1 of 2: we cut this article into two parts to make it not too long!

XI ' year in Beijing we discover one another China. Urban China, North China so different from that of the South. But it is also 15 days of reception by great people.

Some go on honeymoon around the world cycling the flower to the rifle, others do it for a cause: the environment. We shared our host Warmshower Chinese link with Kim and Simon housing, an adorable couple Vietnamese-Australian traveling for planet. We have discussed about their commitment and their motivations for the journey they are undertaking today. They departed from the Viet Nam and will join Paris with as objective the conference for the United nations climate which will be held in...

After many hesitations, we decided to go to rub shoulders with the altitude of the mountains of Yunnan (rather than the region of Guilin Karst rocks). Why this choice rather than another? The beauty of the landscapes, few tourists and urbanization of this area, and then in addition, two other riders will ride with us: Emilie and Jeremiah, released patches! But before you find them, a crazy day ahead of us...

At the discovery of one of the oldest civilization in the world!

After a month in Laos, one between the Viet Nam on 22 February, by the border of Dien Bien Phu. The road on the side of Vietnamese is very damaged, that goes up and it goes down. But there are beautiful landscapes, with rice fields and other crops.

Laos, its adorable and if smiling people its beautiful landscapes... A relatively flat southern part, but on the other hand... mountainous northern part!

A sensational entry! The happiness of border Arhh! Our first contact with Laos was a thousand leagues of what we lived then. Fortunately!

Already 5 months! Time passes more and more quickly we say!

The road was resumed after Phnom Penh Saturday, January 10 in the morning. We are super happy to be again able to pedal. After the accident it had imagined moments that if I was broken me something, the journey could end there. We therefore enjoy even better than the adventure continues!

This month was marked by the discovery of Asian routes. The Thailand first, cycling paradise. Then Cambodia, and its incredibly flat roads, but its also amazing traffic.

It is gone! On 14 December, it left Bangkok: after nearly three weeks of break, one is glad to get back on the road. It sailed south on large roads during the first two days, it is not always very funny... but the beach awaits us in not a long time.

In Bangkok, we have hosted by the Director of a private school in the city. We spent two mornings to discover the school and share good moments with students. Supaporn thanks for your beautiful home!

It lives, it moves, it is surprising and exotic! A good starting point with Asia! From 6 to 14 December, we were welcomed in the superb old thai style room, owned by Supaporn, Supawan School Director, West of the city. We were so although we did a bit of rab. This was a perfect place to acclimatize to the country.

That time flies! In recent weeks, we met lots of people, the evenings were always well occupied. suddenly, it ran out of time to tell you about our adventures. Infastructure! We were therefore stopped in the middle of the Greece...

Ice cubes, it is well; but in the pastis, it's better. Arrivals in Greece rather fresh... Sunday, November 2, is the Albanian-Greek border, at 1000 m altitude. Follows a great descent where a super spot near a river on a lawn of cozy. The mountains all around, the little Creek... the place is paradise if that bears are reported in the region! We at 800 m altitude and 9 p.m., the counter shows 0 ° - Frost formed on...

Okay, at the base, we arrive at the Albanian border not necessarily motivated to this country... People in Montenegro have told us that they are the fools of the wheels and need to be wary of them...