Tea offered everywhere, generous hospitality, the hilly landscapes: the discovery of this part of the country gives us really want to visit the rest later!

We are big foodies, not too hard to achieve this challenge! Eat pastries best Baklava in Istanbul! Kebabs and ice cream! Okay, it was between 7 and 10 degrees the day, so that there we had more difficulty to be put... But ultimately, it was good this ice!

On 14 December, we celebrated our first quarter passed through the world, or one quarter of our trip! (already!) Hey, we must also say that we leave just returned from 3 weeks of holidays in Istanbul and Bangkok. The figures will be quite different from the last few months.

Friday, December 5, this is the day J! Europe, ca is finished today, direction airport.

We spent 12 days in Istanbul. The database, expected to spend just a week, but we were faster than what it had been calculated. Finally, we are very pleased with this good break. It helped make a good point and rest... before the season 2 of our adventure: Asia!

November 28, 2014, we met a class in a francophone school in Istanbul (through our partnership with the class of grades 3/4 in France). It was a very good time. Thanks to Cecilia, the teacher, and the students, for the super hospitality received!

Anecdotes go by and look, but to him have tested: Turkish hospitality is notable regardless of the floor of the company! Students, rich, poor, devout Muslims or not really, all welcome us without worries!