It is a bit stressed that you arrive in Viet Nam. Some riders have tells us the worst and the best... We make our own idea!

Landscapes breathtaking, adorable and very curious people, very nice meetings and great generosity: Welcome to the Viet Nam! Traditional clothes have marked us, the women are beautiful and stylish: their caps are surprising and change radically from one region to another. Driving is everything but sports, in anticipation and the constancy of the speed, it is surprising, but it is fast!

We leave Hanoi on 9 March, en route to the border! The rain with us the first two days... Fortunately it's 20 °, there is cold, but it's not very nice, and was quickly covered with slush! The first 50 kilometres, known, it is the same thing as the arrival. Then continue on roads with little traffic, along the river Song Hong, with rice fields all around.

After a month in Laos, one between the Viet Nam on 22 February, by the border of Dien Bien Phu. The road on the side of Vietnamese is very damaged, that goes up and it goes down. But there are beautiful landscapes, with rice fields and other crops.

6 months! IEA... we will say that time is really accelerating. I have the impression that it was a few days on drafting the balance sheet 5 months ago!

Impressive and discipline schoolchildren to learn, despite the harsh environment.