Last episode of 10 seconds a day! Thank you everyone for following us this year in this little video series which I hope has fulfilled its mission: to give a glimpse of what life can be like on a bike for a year around the world. Of course, I remain fond of all your reactions, now more than ever! I'm preparing a host of surprises for you, and your comments will influence me on the choices I'm making, so...

First week in France: The Meuse is empty, it's a bit depressing, and the aftershock of crossing the border undermines my morale... Fortunately, the Champagne vines are looming on the horizon! We find the friends in the Paris region who will ride with us to the outskirts of Paris, the same ones who accompanied us the first week, I named Erwann and Géraldine! — And because I know you like it, I stalled some BONUS cows!

That's it, we're crossing the border for real! The moment is not easy, but we are returning to France. After 12 months of being used to speaking French only among ourselves, the change is tough. At Macdo: “Hello, where can I … uh, do you have wall sockets to recharge the computer?” Unlimited lexicon mode - I don't search my words anymore!!!

After crossing Germany from North to South, we couldn't resist the urge to take a short trip to the Alps. We end the week on September 19 with 15,000 km on the clock, on the shores of Lake Constance!

After crossing Germany from North to South, we couldn't resist the urge to take a short trip to the Alps. We end the week on September 19...

Dear all, because I don't like unfinished work I have decided to relaunch the 10 seconds a day! Because you're nice, I'm going to broadcast two a week, we start without further delay. That week, we cross the great forests south of Berlin, the conditions are ideal: everything is signposted, the cycle paths are of good quality and it is rather easy. I have chosen 10 seconds of video per day to show you our nomadic daily life around the world… Do not hesitate…

Berlin! Beginning of the week spent discovering the coolest “poor but sexy” city in the world, then three days of cycling with our friend Anne-Laure.

Berlin babyyyyy! We finish crossing Poland this week, and we begin to discover our last country, Germany. It is the culture that is closest to us, we begin to feel almost at home.

Find out how the Russians received us! What they say about them is as true as it is false, we discover a country full of ancestral practices, traditions, cold people at first sight, but such a warm welcome!

Polish week where we discover the Polish seaside coast. Well, it looks like a seaside coast… All the villages by the sea look alike, and you can find ice cream, pizzas and kebabs everywhere. This atmosphere of overconsumption is funny to us!

We cross Lithuania in 4 days with the help of the motorhome of the parents who are very happy to find us… My sister makes us believe that she is spending her holidays in Spain until the moment when she announces to us that she waits at a campsite here in Poland! Big family get-together, rest, a good cocktail: it feels good!

The days pass and look a bit alike in this very flat region, apart from the bivouacs which are royal. We find Thomas' parents this week, let's go for a few days in road trip mode in a motorhome!

One of the biggest experiences of our trip, welcome to Mongolia! Watercolor made for love in a motorhome between Norway and Sweden by my mother: signed Nidal!

This week we're bringing you into our tent! Live our daily life as a camper-traveler between Estonia and Latvia.

A good week as we like them! We celebrate our reunion as it should be and we take our friends with us for 2 days of cycling around Tallinn. Despite the pain in the buttocks, they want more! We hit the road again on Friday towards Riga.

We're back in Europe! And this week is also a sign of reunion: friends! We chain the kilometers in the beautiful Estonian countryside to be in time in Tallinn for this long-awaited moment! Musical episode, turn up the sound!

Week in Saint Petersburg with Estelle's parents, fascinating visit of this superb city on a free walk tour where she kept us talking for more than 3 hours! We take off slowly towards Estonia with Tallinn!

The continent is crossed! Installed in 3rd class, we see 13 Russians in the berths of our cabin (for 6 people) who travel for “short” journeys. Only a couple of Germans and a Korean are tourists with us in the whole car. We talk, we laugh and the days pass quickly! So here we are in Saint Petersburg, after a whirlwind visit to Moscow.

The pearl of Siberia! Lake Baikal has some nice surprises in store for us, we arrive this week after many reversals of the situation to cross it to reach the island of Olkhon and finally Irkutsk. The next week will be mainly spent on the train, we embark this evening for 4 days of travel in order to reach Moscow in the middle of next week. Big change for us, we stay in the same country but cross a good part of the continent – ​​we are so close to the arrival of a sudden! All…

Discover the story of our 2 months spent pedaling in this oh so surprising country. Follow our bikes from the mountains of Yunnan to the Chinese megacities, discover with us the passes over 4000m and the Tibetan culture of Sichuan. I hope this film will succeed in conveying what we felt during our journey to the land of the rising sun – and by the way sorry to have taken so long to finish it. Thanks to the patches released for their shots: Don’t hesitate…