Russie, nous voilà ! Après un petit nettoyage de printemps en mongolie nous rejoignons Ulan Ude en Russie pour voir le Lac Baikal. Première réserve d’eau douce de la planète, ce lac ressemble plus à une mer et à un petit paradis pour nous. Plages de sable fin, abris et tables en bois, barbecues : mis à part la monotonie de la route pour le moment nous sommes dans un super coin !

Sur les conseils de Froit, notre extraordinaire hôte warmshower nous nous perdons au nord d’Oulan-Bator et découvrons une partie complètement différente de ce que nous avons vu jusqu’ici. Nous faisons face à un terrible vent de face durant 3 jours qui nous fera nous arrêter à Darkhan pour nous reposer et quitter la mongolie en train pour rejoindre directement Oulan-Oude en Russie.

A great experience this week: we meet a troop of 14 people who have left for 5 months in the steppes with 25 horses! You can follow them here: Time makes life hard for us and our equipment, but the images we make and the experience we live are only more so intense.

This week is really in contrast to the last: after the snow and the cold of the past week we are ending yesterday and today in a big heat and sandstorm! The wind often reminds us that we are in his country, but luckily the blue sky reminds us too (and that's cool).

Mongolia ! Première semaine passée dans ce grand pays tout vide et tout beau. Nous découvrons des paysages superbes sous la neige et le vent. Les journées sont belles et les nuits sous la tente quelque peu froides 🙂

Petite excursion home made dans un super coin à 80km de Pékin pour un trek sur la Grande Muraille de Chine (on a dormi dans une super ferme auberge conseillée par les expats rencontrés Pékin :, visites dans Pékin et dernier marathon transports pour rejoindre la Mongolie cette semaine ! Pris avec ma GoPro Hero 3+ et mon Canon EOS 60D, son capté via mon Zoom H1, synchro sous Première.

This week we are taking a chain trip to visit Xi’an and finally arrive in Beijing! It's a bit crazy to arrive in this megalopolis of 21 million inhabitants, which does not seem so crowded. Pollution comes up quickly in the discussions we have with our various hosts in this great city. The Chinese are always so surprising and difficult to define!

We leave Chengdu for a few days in the direction of Xi’an, the ancient capital of China. With a little delay due to computer problems, here are some pictures of this promising region, which unfortunately we do not have time to cross entirely by bicycle.

Breathtaking landscapes, adorable and very curious people, great encounters and great generosity: welcome to Vietnam! Traditional clothes have marked us, the women are beautiful and flirtatious: their headdresses are surprising and change radically from one region to another. The driving is anything but sporty, all about anticipation and consistency of speed, surprisingly, but you get used to it quickly!

Attention theme week: we are wasting almost this week chasing after our visas. The nasty lady from the PSB (Police Security Bureau) in Kangding simply did not want to renew our visas (not wanting), we had to leave for Leshan in extremis and lose 2000m of hard-earned altitude crammed into a bus (sniff! ). The nice ladies of the Leshan PSB did their job and issued us our visas within 48 hours!

Good passes, arid and hostile gorges, Tibetan houses, shorten: without being in Tibet, we are there anyway! The atmosphere is both surreal and unexpected, we take full eyes and heart.

This week we are still riding with the “patches libéré”, a couple of French cyclists. We discover the beauty of the Tiger Gorge and the mountains that follow. We end the week with two days of rest in Shangrila.

We discover Kunming, a small town of 6 million inhabitants perched at an altitude of 1900m, then Dali where we go to meet the released patches. Since that day we have been driving with them towards the heights of Yunnan, it is just more and more beautiful!

That's it, we are in China! More exactly in Yunnan, in the southwest of China. A country of contrasts, great landscapes, arts and games, but also a country where the culture of hospitality is very present. Discover our first week in China!

Dernier épisode de la saison ! Prochaine saison : La Chine ! Cette semaine on part d’Hanoï, direction Lao Cai, au Nord. La région est vraiment sympa, on traverse de nombreux tout petits villages tout jolis 🙂 Dernier jour de repos à Lao Cai au Vietnam avant d’attaquer la Chine !

Première partie de nos aventures au Laos ! Suivez nous dans les 4000 îles, sur le plateau des Boloven et ses magnifiques cascades, dans les magnifiques montagnes du nord (le prochain film y sera consacré totalement), faites la fête avec nous à Luang Prabang, et découvrez les petits villages encaissés de la région de Mong Noi.

Penultimate episode of the season! This week we arrive in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. It's bustling, it's honking, it's good, it's alive! We discover this magical place that is Halong Bay, by kayak as close as possible to the water. Next week we head north to finish the second season, and attack China with Yunnan. It promises !

Well, it's hot hot hot! First week in Vietnam on the mountainous roads from Dien Bien Phu to the Hanoi region. We turn at 1000m of elevation gain per day, for 55 to 80kms daily. It's hard, but it's beautiful!

Small week in the mountains. Cycling on the slopes, walks in the waterfalls, boating ... It's so good!

Which country ! We come out changed and marked by 1 month spent in Cambodia. We met the people of this country by exchanging a few words of English, visited temples from the time of Angkor, celebrated the first of the year in Phnom Penh, saw the Cambodian jungle, the graaaandes all flat plains, was deafened by the horns of trucks on the roads of the country.