Russia, here come us! After a little cleaning in spring in Mongolia we agree with Ulan Ude in Russia to see the Lake Baikal. First supply of fresh water of the planet, this Lake looks more a sea and a paradise for us. Beaches of fine sand, shelters and wooden tables, barbecues: aside from the monotony of the road at the moment we are in a super corner!

On the advice of cold, our special guest warmshower we lose North of Ulan Bator and discover a completely different part of what we have seen so far. We face a terrible headwind for 3 days that we will stop at Darkhan to rest and leave Mongolia by train directly to Ulan-Ude in Russia.

A great experience this week: we meet a cast of 14 persons left for 5 months in the steppes with 25 horses! You can follow here: time leads us die hard as well as our material, but images that we do and experience that we live is only more intense.

This week really contrasts with the last: after the snow and cold of the week after we finish yesterday and today in heat and sand storm! The wind often reminds us that we are in his country, but fortunately the blue sky reminds us also (and it is cool).

Mongolia ! Première semaine passée dans ce grand pays tout vide et tout beau. Nous découvrons des paysages superbes sous la neige et le vent. Les journées sont belles et les nuits sous la tente quelque peu froides 🙂

Short trip home-made in a super corner 80 km from Beijing for a trek on the great wall of China (it has stayed in a super farm hostel recommended by expats encountered Beijing:, visits to Beijing and last marathon transport to reach the Mongolia this week! Taken with my GoPro Hero 3 and my Canon EOS 60 d, its captured via my Zoom H1, sync below first.

This week we enchainons transportation to visit Xi'an and finally arrive in Beijing! It's a bit crazy to arrive in this megalopolis of 21 million inhabitants, which seems yet not so populated. Pollution happens quickly in the discussions that we have with our different hosts of this great city. The Chinese are always both surprising and difficult to identify!

We leave Chengdu for a few days in the direction of Xi'an, the ancient capital of China. With a little delay due to computer problems here are some pictures of this promising region but that we unfortunately do not have time to fully cross bike.

Landscapes breathtaking, adorable and very curious people, very nice meetings and great generosity: Welcome to the Viet Nam! Traditional clothes have marked us, the women are beautiful and stylish: their caps are surprising and change radically from one region to another. Driving is everything but sports, in anticipation and the constancy of the speed, it is surprising, but it is fast!

Attention week theme: we lose almost this week to run after our visas. The wicked Lady of the PSB (Police Security Bureau) of Kangding simply did not renew us our visas (not want), we have the leave for Leshan in extremis and lose 2000 m altitude hard-earned crammed into a bus (sniff!). The nice ladies of the Leshan PSB did their job and we have issued our visas in 48 h!

Good collars, hostile and arid gorges, Tibetan, and shorten: without being in Tibet, we have anyway! The atmosphere is so surreal that unexpected, it takes the eyes and the heart.

We continue again this week to ride with "released patches", couple of french cyclists. We discover the beauty of the gorges of the Tiger and the mountains ensuing. It finished the week with two days of rest to Shangrila.

There's Kunming, small city of 6 million inhabitants perched at 1900 m of altitude, and Dalí where we will meet the released patches. We drive since that day with them in the direction of the heights of Yunnan, is simply more beautiful!

Northern Laos, between Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang is a military road open to all 5 years only. It represents for us the biggest challenge that we have never raised: Mount for 10km on an average gradient of 12%! Live with our friend cyclo James our ascent and the memorable descent that ensued.

Here it is, we are in China! More precisely in Yunnan, South West of China. A country of contrast, landscapes, arts and games, but also a country where the culture of the home is very present. Discover our first week in China!

Dernier épisode de la saison ! Prochaine saison : La Chine ! Cette semaine on part d’Hanoï, direction Lao Cai, au Nord. La région est vraiment sympa, on traverse de nombreux tout petits villages tout jolis 🙂 Dernier jour de repos à Lao Cai au Vietnam avant d’attaquer la Chine !

First part of our adventures in Laos! Follow us in the 4000 islands, the Boloven plateau and its magnificent waterfalls, in the beautiful mountains of the North (the next film will be dedicated totally), party with us in Luang Prabang, and discover small villages cashed Mong Noi area.

Before the season finale! This week we arrive in Hanoi, capital of the Viet Nam. It is crawling, it honks, it's good, it lives! There's this magical place that is Halong Bay, kayak closer to the water. Next week you go back to the North to finish the second season, and attacking China with Yunnan. It promises!

Okay, it's hot hot hot! First week in Viet Nam on the mountainous roads from Dien Bien Phu to the area of Hanoi. Turn at 1000 m of ascent per day approximately, for 55 80 km daily. It's hard, but it's beautiful!

Week in the mountains. Bike on the trails, walks in the waterfalls, boat... It is so good!