Our return to France gives us a first return shock. After a year in a bubble where we only catch snippets of what is being said, finding your mother tongue everywhere around you is a bit harsh ...

After the first part of our visit to Germany, here is the rest!

On August 17, we cross the German border. Last foreign country on our journey? We thought so ... but in the end ... it's only half true!

We left you at the gates of Latvia ... well, gates, that's a big word!

Le 24 juin, nous arrivons à Moscou très tôt dans la matinée. On découvre doucement la ville à vélo ; une ville qui se réveille tout juste. L’occasion de voir la célèbre place Rouge à 7h du matin, vide de son habituel flot de touristes : top !

Après notre périple dans les steppes, on passe 3 jours chez notre hôte Froit et sa femme ; ils nous accueillent tellement bien qu’on se sent presque comme à la maison. Mais il faut bien repartir un jour !

We left you after Beijing. We are now in Mongolia where the days on the bike are quite intense. A look back at our adventures over the past few weeks ... Part 1/2: We are cutting this article into two parts so that it does not take too long!

Where were we on May 14? Yes, we wrote this article on time, but Mongolian internet connections caused us to fall behind in publishing ...

From Xi’an to Beijing we discover another China. Urban China, the China of the North so different from that of the South. But it's also a 15-day reception by great people.

That's it, it's been a month that we are in China and 7 months of travel in all. Small return on this last month ...

Discover one of the oldest civilizations in the world!

After a month in Laos, we enter Vietnam on February 22, by the border of Dien Bien Phu. The road on the Vietnamese side is very damaged, it goes up and down. But we have beautiful landscapes, with rice fields and other diverse cultures.

This month was marked by the discovery of Asian routes. Thailand, first of all, the paradise of cycle tourism. Then Cambodia, and its incredibly flat roads, but its traffic just as incredible.

On December 27 at the end of the day, we left Thailand in the rain, to discover Cambodia with the return of the sun. Just after the border, the mountains and the jungle give way to a large all yellow plain, magnificent with the return of the sun! We discover the landscapes that we will find further on: rice fields as far as the eye can see, where cows and buffaloes graze.

Le 14 décembre, nous avons fêté notre premier trimestre passé à travers le monde, soit un quart de notre voyage ! (déjà !) Bon, il faut dire aussi que nous repartons tout juste de 3 semaines de vacances à Istanbul et Bangkok. Les chiffres vont être bien différents des derniers mois.

It lives, it moves, it's amazing and exotic! A good start with Asia! From December 6 to 14, we were greeted in the beautiful old Thai-style room, owned by Supaporn, the principal of Supawan School, in the west of the city. We were so good that we did a little bit of back-up. It was a perfect place to get used to the country.

Nous avons passé 12 jours à Istanbul. À la base, on comptait y passer juste une semaine, mais nous avons été plus rapide que ce qu’on avait calculé. Finalement, nous sommes très contents de cette bonne pause. Elle a permis de faire un bon point et se reposer… avant de commencer la saison 2 de notre aventure : l’Asie !

The anecdotes follow each other and are not alike, but for having tested it: Turkish hospitality is remarkable whatever the level of society! Students, rich, poor, practicing Muslims or not, all welcome us without worries!

That's it we left France! But first, we have plenty of other things to tell you because we've been doing well lately.

That's it, we've been riding for over a week! Both it went super fast and at the same time it feels like it's been a long time since we left! Things have happened! Small assessment of the first week ...