We put that back !

After almost two years without a bicycle trip, we were able to hit the road again for 15 days this summer.
It was not far from our home, it was not something exceptional ... but what does it feel good! We rediscovered the pleasure of discovering new landscapes from our faithful mounts, making small daily encounters and bivouacking in the evening… all this with a small passenger in addition…

The usefulness of the cart

Yes, we introduced the pleasures of life on the road to Alice, our 11 month old daughter. She was super wise in her cart where she played with her soft toys and her books; she loved discovering nature, seeing animals and meeting people. Anyway, apart from some difficulty falling asleep at night - too excited by all these new things and the lack of exercise during the day - she was adorable!


We brought out all our gear from our year of travel and it's crazy, we knew exactly how to store the saddlebags, we didn't have to think about it, we knew exactly where everything was going. It just took a bit of innovation to add our chip business, but it wasn't much more in the end.


Adapt the trip to the family

How did we choose the route? Our criteria were:
- Not too much public transport
- A journey that could adapt as needed because we had no idea how many kilometers we could cover each day.
– Un trajet sympa et pas non plus trop ennuyant.

Bref, on a mélangé tout ça dans notre chapeau-des-bonnes-idées et on en a conclu…
– La Loire à vélo ou le canal de Nantes à Brest ? Non, trop peur de s’ennuyer.
– La Bretagne, c’est chouette (et il parait que ça vous gagne ! 🙂 )
-> Donc en conclusion, le but était : pédaler de Saint-Nazaire à Quimper. Finalement, quand nous sommes arrivés à Quimper, il nous restait encore plusieurs jours de vacances. On a rapidement regardé la possibilité de reprendre le train en direction de Nantes un peu plus loin, et zou ! on a roulé jusqu’à Brest !

Bon, à part les pentes à 15% dans le Finistère – vous savez, cet endroit de la France où le point culminant est à 385m (!) – c’était un bon aperçu de ce que pourrait donner un grand tour avec notre petit bout 🙂 On recommence quand ?


Au final, les 530kms se sont fait dans la joie et la bonne humeur !