Poland ! Spots of color draw the landscape, bathed in a warming sun. The yellow of the wheat fields, the green of the trees; the blue of so many lakes and the Baltic Sea; the white and black of cows (Norman?:-) ) and storks…

Berlin! Beginning of the week spent discovering the coolest “poor but sexy” city in the world, then three days of cycling with our friend Anne-Laure.

Berlin babyyyyy! We finish crossing Poland this week, and we begin to discover our last country, Germany. It is the culture that is closest to us, we begin to feel almost at home.

Find out how the Russians received us! What they say about them is as true as it is false, we discover a country full of ancestral practices, traditions, cold people at first sight, but such a warm welcome!

I remember an article written at the beginning of the trip which was called “3 days in Montenegro“… It seems to us to be so recent and at the same time an eternity… We have been through so much since then… At the time we didn't dare not even imagine these last months of the journey!

On se rapproche peu à peu de vous ! On profite bien de ce retour en Europe et du confort qu’on y trouve. Et on commence à penser à… la suite !

Polish week where we discover the Polish seaside coast. Well, it looks like a seaside coast… All the villages by the sea look alike, and you can find ice cream, pizzas and kebabs everywhere. This atmosphere of overconsumption is funny to us!

We cross Lithuania in 4 days with the help of the motorhome of the parents who are very happy to find us… My sister makes us believe that she is spending her holidays in Spain until the moment when she announces to us that she waits at a campsite here in Poland! Big family get-together, rest, a good cocktail: it feels good!

We left you at the gates of Latvia ... well, gates, that's a big word!

The days pass and look a bit alike in this very flat region, apart from the bivouacs which are royal. We find Thomas' parents this week, let's go for a few days in road trip mode in a motorhome!