The road was resumed after Phnom Penh Saturday, January 10 in the morning. We are super happy to be again able to pedal. After the accident it had imagined moments that if I was broken me something, the journey could end there. We therefore enjoy even better than the adventure continues!

We leave Cambodia this week by the North. The region is sparsely populated and suddenly moved, no grid, no running water, but the relay phone everywhere (!). We returned to Laos this weekend!

Our experience it is 2:30 pm - it's so hot - it is in a corner pretty declined in Cambodia (between Siem Reap and the border with Laos) where there is neither mains nor running water; there for a long time wanted to visit a school without knowing how to do, and it passes at this time there a small school.

You know, I love well Vimeo, this community of creators of videos passionate, hosted, and maintained by a box well cool about NYC. This weekend I attended their weekly contest: "Weekend Challenge: Call To Action".[update 23 January] I just got the results, I'm tied for second!

It passes 5000km in front of Angkor Wat (without cheating, sisi!) this week. We take full eyes, this place is really special... and full of tourists! As early as 5:30 in the morning, the crowd went before one of the mares of Angkor wat to take the typical picture (which I have of course taken). Crazy enough.

This month was marked by the discovery of Asian routes. The Thailand first, cycling paradise. Then Cambodia, and its incredibly flat roads, but its also amazing traffic.

December 27 at the end of day, we left the Thailand in the rain, to discover Cambodia with the return of the Sun. Just after crossing the border, the mountains and the jungle leave room for a large plain any yellow, beautiful with the return of the Sun! We view the landscapes will be further: rice paddies out of sight, where grazing cows and buffaloes.

On y a passé du temps dans les temples bouddhistes en Asie du Sud-Est ! Temple de femmes, temple école, temple perdu au milieu de nulle part avec seulement 8 moines … c’était varié ! Et toujours de superbes expériences !

We stay a little longer than expected in Phnom Penh due to a small accident of the road (while we were pedestrians), just the time to recover from our blue and make sure nothing is broken/ripped.

Our first experience in Asia: we sleep in temples, among people encountered on the road in gardens of guesthouses, one regales oneself to eat on the Street 3 times per day (it did not released the stove once!) it is not even sick, and we learn a few Thai words. Playlist: Urban Cone - Deja Vu (Oliver Nelson Remix) Bonobo - Flashlight Asaf Avidan, Mojos - One Day Reckoning Superlux Song - Wildness & Trees

It is in Phnom Penh since a week now. It will tell you more in detail the beginning of Cambodia in an upcoming post. But by and large, the 5 senses are activated continuously! Life is less easy than in Thailand, but we like it when even. In short, we wanted to just tell you that we will be blocked even a few days in the capital.

After Noel on Koh Chang, you push a little to get to Phnom Penh to spend the new year with friends English backpacker met in Koh Chang. Landscapes Cambodians are simply gorgeous!

It had reserved for a first dive for Thomas Koh Chang for December 24! But when we went there the day before to confirm, the guy told us that there was more space on the boats! He had of making the overbooking... Then it pulled over from snorkelling, and like that could do both! It was too well! We told that matters anyway because the intention was there really! Only in...

A good Thai nardiablack and grilled or well boiled mushrooms in the soup!

We are big foodies, not too hard to achieve this challenge! Eat pastries best Baklava in Istanbul! Kebabs and ice cream! Okay, it was between 7 and 10 degrees the day, so that there we had more difficulty to be put... But ultimately, it was good this ice!

Of the gods, we met quite a few during our journey! It keeps you informed when we come to Vishnu and his two friends.

Dire bonjour à : Un panda Je vous présente Pandi Panda, le gentil panda, vu à Chengdu en Chine ! Lisez notre article sur Kangsing, Leschan, Chengdu et Xi’an Un tigre Plein de chats rayés en Asie, ça compte ? Non ? Bon, on a hésité aussi à photoshoper une de nos photo, mais on va être sincère… pas de tigre cette année ! Des singes Ah ça, oui, et on les a vu de près. A Koh Chang, les bords de villages sont leur paradis. Un…

J’ai quand même fait un tatouage 🙂 Première séance : Tatouage au Henné, ok au bout d’une semaine ya plus rien, mais c’était mon premier tatouage (à part au bic… ou au marqueur mais c’est une autre histoire) Deuxième séance : Soirée de Noël sur la plage ! Là, pour le coup, c’est vraiment de la peinture ! On vous montre que les côtés réussis, sachant qu’on s’est fait aider par une nana – qui tanguait un peu – qui a déchainé (c’est le mot) sa créativité sur…

Quelque part en Thaïlande, après une bonne journée de vélo. Parfois la vie est trop facile : il fait trop beau, chaud, l’eau est à température bébé, on ne fais plus la cuisine tellement les restos sont bons et pas chers… Ben c’était à la fin d’une de ces journées où tout va bien 🙂

It is gone! On 14 December, it left Bangkok: after nearly three weeks of break, one is glad to get back on the road. It sailed south on large roads during the first two days, it is not always very funny... but the beach awaits us in not a long time.