That's it, THIS IS THE END. For real, we are going to go home, to settle into a normal life. Before that, we're going to party! We will cross the finish line on October 10, 2015. [countdown date = 2015/10 / 10-16: 30: 00] [countup date = 2014/09/15] We are therefore on the road from [dtimer]. [ / countup] Arrival in Le Havre in [timer]! [after] We made it to Le Havre! [/ countdown]

We arrive in the land of pizzas children! It is very hot here, even in September. It feels like people are singing instead of talking, and very loud!

After the first part of our visit to Germany, here is the rest!

On August 17, we cross the German border. Last foreign country on our journey? We thought so ... but in the end ... it's only half true!

That's it, it's been a year since we left Millau on September 14, 2014! We have come a long way, seen beautiful places, met great people. We really have a beautiful planet.

No, our silence lately isn't due to a deep depression / accident / death thing that kills. It's just that all of our computer stuff goes wrong!

Watergate !!!! Thomas had tried to fit in during his bachelor party a little over a year earlier. But what he didn't know at the time was that it is easier to come back to a club in Berlin dressed like every day rather than well dressed - it smells too much of the “little Parisian in tourism in Berlin” . And then surrounded by two girls, it might also be easier!