That's it, THIS IS THE END. For real, we'll go home, fall into a normal life. Before that, the party is going to do! We will cross the finish line on October 10, 2015. [countdown date = 2015/10 / 10-16: 30: 00] [countup date = 2014/09/15] We are on the road since [dtimer] [. / countup] Arrival at Le Havre in [timer]! [After] We have arrived in Le Havre! [/ Countdown]

We get to the country children pizza! It's very hot here in September. One has the impression that people sing at instead of talking, and very strong!

After the first part of our passage in Germany, here is the sequel!

On 17 August, we turn the German border. Last foreign country of our journey? We thought... but finally... This is only half true!

Well, it's been a year since we left Millau September 14, 2014! We have come a long way, saw beautiful places, met some great people. We really have a beautiful planet.

No, our silence of recent times is not due to a big kick of accident-depression-trick of death that kills. It is simply that all our computer matos share in a spin!

Watergate !!!! Thomas had tried to get at his bachelor bachelor party a little over a year ago. But what he did not know at the time is that it is easier to get in Berlin dressed as box every day rather than well dressed up - it feels too "small Parisian tourism in Berlin" . And surrounded by two girls, it is also perhaps easier!