We discover Kunming, a small town of 6 million inhabitants perched at an altitude of 1900m, then Dali where we go to meet the released patches. Since that day we have been driving with them towards the heights of Yunnan, it is just more and more beautiful!

Discover one of the oldest civilizations in the world!

That's it, we are in China! More exactly in Yunnan, in the southwest of China. A country of contrasts, great landscapes, arts and games, but also a country where the culture of hospitality is very present. Discover our first week in China!

We're leaving Hanoi on March 9, on our way to the border! The rain is with us the first two days ... Fortunately, it's 20 °, we are not cold, but it is not very pleasant, and we are quickly covered in slush! The first 50 kilometers, we know them, it's the same as at the finish. Then we continue on roads with little traffic, we follow the Song Hong River, with rice fields all around.

Dernier épisode de la saison ! Prochaine saison : La Chine ! Cette semaine on part d’Hanoï, direction Lao Cai, au Nord. La région est vraiment sympa, on traverse de nombreux tout petits villages tout jolis 🙂 Dernier jour de repos à Lao Cai au Vietnam avant d’attaquer la Chine !

Première partie de nos aventures au Laos ! Suivez nous dans les 4000 îles, sur le plateau des Boloven et ses magnifiques cascades, dans les magnifiques montagnes du nord (le prochain film y sera consacré totalement), faites la fête avec nous à Luang Prabang, et découvrez les petits villages encaissés de la région de Mong Noi.

After a month in Laos, we enter Vietnam on February 22, by the border of Dien Bien Phu. The road on the Vietnamese side is very damaged, it goes up and down. But we have beautiful landscapes, with rice fields and other diverse cultures.

6 months ! Hey ... it looks like time is really speeding up. I have the impression that it was a few days ago that we were writing the report for the 5 months!

Impressive schoolchildren and the discipline to learn, despite the harsh environment.

In Laos, the teachers speak very little English, and it is not easy to find information. We will still try to tell you what we know and what we have seen.

Penultimate episode of the season! This week we arrive in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. It's bustling, it's honking, it's good, it's alive! We discover this magical place that is Halong Bay, by kayak as close as possible to the water. Next week we head north to finish the second season, and attack China with Yunnan. It promises !