Well, it's hot hot hot! First week in Vietnam on the mountainous roads from Dien Bien Phu to the Hanoi region. We turn at 1000m of elevation gain per day, for 55 to 80kms daily. It's hard, but it's beautiful!

Laos, its adorable and smiling people, its beautiful landscapes… A relatively flat southern part, but on the other hand a northern part… mountainous!

Two wooden boats, a board, and a motor, here is our boat to cross the Mekong from one island to the shore, in southern Laos. It was beautiful, it was neat!

Small week in the mountains. Cycling on the slopes, walks in the waterfalls, boating ... It's so good!

Which country ! We come out changed and marked by 1 month spent in Cambodia. We met the people of this country by exchanging a few words of English, visited temples from the time of Angkor, celebrated the first of the year in Phnom Penh, saw the Cambodian jungle, the graaaandes all flat plains, was deafened by the horns of trucks on the roads of the country.

Sabadiiii ! Le nord du Laos est vraiment sympa. Les gens sont hyper gentils, on rencontre plein de cyclos, et on roule avec James pour passer un col d’anthologie. On se souviendra des trois jours passés avec notre scout préféré !

A shattering entry! Rhaa the happiness of border posts! Our first contact with Laos was a thousand miles from what we experienced afterwards. Fortunately !!

Already 5 months! Time flies faster and faster we would say!

We are going a little deeper into the Laotian hinterland, and we are increasing our contacts with the locals. We are more aware of the popularity of this destination among cycle tourists: we meet so many travelers like us! It’s pretty amazing. The landscapes here give us a good slap: it's so unusual, so beautiful.

First week in Laos, and we are far from being alone. In addition to the extremely warm welcome from the population, we rode with two other French cyclists, and for an evening we met the Dudus, our cyclist friends from Turkey.