Last foreign country of our journey!

This country is a member of Europe since 2004, but does not use the Euro for the time being.

What is the Lithuania? OK, the name you said perhaps vaguely something, but we must admit that it is part of the countries of Europe that we yet know evil.

If like us, you did not locate precisely the Latvia on a map, this page is for you!

The Baltic countries name corresponds to a set of three countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. This one is the first Baltic where we ride... and especially first countries of Europe since...

Russia, a country-continent, country of extremes and diversity, whose influence was prominent in the 20th century. This plug is dense enough and maybe a bit complex for the...

Horses, yaks and promising steppes, this country sometimes referred to as "the land of the blue sky" reserve us some nice surprises.

One of the oldest civilizations in the world, responsible for many major inventions such as paper, the compass, the banknote or gunpowder.

It is a bit stressed that you arrive in Viet Nam. Some riders have tells us the worst and the best... We make our own idea!

People are smiling, calm, Nice... Landscapes have superb air. We will love to discover this country!

A poor country which has a complicated history, but dating the slope gradually.

First country of our Asian journey and most importantly... back in the summer!

Tea offered everywhere, generous hospitality, the hilly landscapes: the discovery of this part of the country gives us really want to visit the rest later!

We are the country of the inventors of the Olympic Games, of philosophy and logic: Yes, nothing that much!

People everywhere, but beautiful landscapes and a generous welcome!

It climbs here! But it is beautiful and the people are awesome. It has spent only three days, but we loved!

What is preferred? The Kocula Islands, without hesitation! But the rest of the country is really nice also.

We get to the country children pizza! It's very hot here in September. One has the impression that people sing instead of talking, and strong...