A great experience this week: we meet a troop of 14 people who have left for 5 months in the steppes with 25 horses! You can follow them here: http://ift.tt/1FmEl7q Time makes life hard for us and our equipment, but the images we make and the experience we live are only more so intense.

Part 2/2: We cut the article in half to make it easier to read. To read the beginning, it's here!

We left you after Beijing. We are now in Mongolia where the days on the bike are quite intense. A look back at our adventures over the past few weeks ... Part 1/2: We are cutting this article into two parts so that it does not take too long!

Where were we on May 14? Yes, we wrote this article on time, but Mongolian internet connections caused us to fall behind in publishing ...

This week is really in contrast to the last: after the snow and the cold of the past week we are ending yesterday and today in a big heat and sandstorm! The wind often reminds us that we are in his country, but luckily the blue sky reminds us too (and that's cool).

Audio quiz Mystery animals encountered in Mongolia. Only one animal hides behind each sound, it's up to you to find out… Write down your answers in comments as follows: (1) and (2)!

Mongolia ! Première semaine passée dans ce grand pays tout vide et tout beau. Nous découvrons des paysages superbes sous la neige et le vent. Les journées sont belles et les nuits sous la tente quelque peu froides 🙂

From Xi’an to Beijing we discover another China. Urban China, the China of the North so different from that of the South. But it's also a 15-day reception by great people.

Petite excursion home made dans un super coin à 80km de Pékin pour un trek sur la Grande Muraille de Chine (on a dormi dans une super ferme auberge conseillée par les expats rencontrés Pékin : greatwallfresh.com), visites dans Pékin et dernier marathon transports pour rejoindre la Mongolie cette semaine ! Pris avec ma GoPro Hero 3+ et mon Canon EOS 60D, son capté via mon Zoom H1, synchro sous Première.

Ça y est, vous avez votre visa chinois en poche, vous êtes prêts à passer la frontière. Complètement prêts, vous êtes sûrs ? Petit retour d’expérience de trucs tout bêtes que nous avons appris lors de notre séjour et qu’il est utile de savoir selon nous, avant d’arriver en Chine (à pied, bien sûr !)

Bon, c’est pas tellement possible, mais la photo vous fait croire que je suis en train de le faire non ? Même à pied c’est tendu 🙂 Hier on a fait 6h de balade sur ce monument qui fait partie de l’une des nouvelles merveilles du monde, proche d’une ferme-auberge tenue par une famille vraiment sympa qu’on vous conseille : le great wall fresh. Le coin est magnifique et sur une grande partie de la balade on est seuls (on n’a croisé personne !) au milieu de la…

This week we are taking a chain trip to visit Xi’an and finally arrive in Beijing! It's a bit crazy to arrive in this megalopolis of 21 million inhabitants, which does not seem so crowded. Pollution comes up quickly in the discussions we have with our various hosts in this great city. The Chinese are always so surprising and difficult to define!

Like an explorer of modern times, here I am in the middle of a forest of cheese makers who are gradually invading the remains of a lost civilization… Pierre Loti said about Angkor Wat in 1901: “This temple is the one of the places in the world where men have piled up the most stones, accumulated the most sculptures, ornaments, foliage, flowers and faces. It’s not as simple as the beautiful lines of Thebes or Boalbek. It is confusing in terms of complexity as well as enormity. From…

Thanks to Jerem's mini fishing box of the patches released, we were able to probe the fauna of a Sichuan river where we were able to catch ... 6 small fish!

On video please! It's 20 to 30 seconds.