The Estonia! A so bucolic country, colored by wild flowers and free camping areas fields...

One of the biggest experiences in our journey, welcome in Mongolia! Watercolour by love in a campsite because between the Norway and Sweden by my mother: signed Nathan!

This week made you back in our tent! Enjoy our daily lives of camper-traveller between the Estonia and the Latvia.

On 24 June, we arrive in Moscow very early in the morning. We gently discover the city by bike; a city that wakes up just. The opportunity to see the famous red square at 7 o'clock in the morning, empty of its usual stream of tourists: top!

That's it, it's back in Europe. And above all happiness to find his loved ones!

A good week as you like! We celebrate as should be our reunion and it takes the homies with us for two days of biking around Tallinn. Despite the bad ass they want more! The road Friday towards Riga.

Colleagues PSA You have received this year full of postcards, I have not let you down! The card wins the prize for "send in a really remote place" was sent from the end-depths of Siberia. Photo support! Kiss to all, Thomas

Even better than the sauna ... the Banya! traditional Russian sauna! More information sauna site, it is there!

We are back in Europe! And this week is also sign of Homecoming: the buddies! We chained the kilometers in the beautiful countryside of Estonian to be on time in Tallinn for this long-awaited moment! Musical episode, mount the sound!

And watch what Russian dolls!

Week in Saint Petersburg with the parents of Estelle, exciting visit to this beautiful city in free walk tour where held us the conversation more than 3 h! We take off gently in the direction of the Estonia with Tallinn!