That's it, it's the last week ... Monday, October 5, we leave the Paris region. But who is this new roommate for the last week? It’s Régis, Thomas’s childhood friend! It's great to be with a boyfriend, it's a bit of a party and it keeps us from thinking too much about the end that is approaching.

Our return to France gives us a first return shock. After a year in a bubble where we only catch snippets of what is being said, finding your mother tongue everywhere around you is a bit harsh ...

Friday, September 18, luck does things well: we are in Constance, back in Germany, and that day is the opening of ... Oktoberfest!

People everywhere, but superb landscapes and a generous welcome!

It climbs here! But it's beautiful and the people are great. We only spent three days there, but we loved it!

That's it, real life is catching up with us little by little, we put down the bags. Back to sedentary life (or almost). But for you, it's not over... the blog continues! To start, on the blog side, we want to catch up on the delay caused by our computer problems and make you live the last weeks of our journey. We had left you at the top of a pass at the exit from Germany… On the way, let’s fly straight away to Austrian Tirol!

What did we prefer? The Kocula islands, without hesitation! But the rest of the country is really nice too.