The continent is crossed! Installed in 3rd class, we see 13 Russians in the berths of our cabin (for 6 people) who travel for “short” journeys. Only a couple of Germans and a Korean are tourists with us in the whole car. We talk, we laugh and the days pass quickly! So here we are in Saint Petersburg, after a whirlwind visit to Moscow.

Siberia, its vast expanses, its forests, its rich flora and fauna, its superb Lake Baikal… and finally its famous train… the Trans-Siberian!

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The pearl of Siberia! Lake Baikal has some nice surprises in store for us, we arrive this week after many reversals of the situation to cross it to reach the island of Olkhon and finally Irkutsk. The next week will be mainly spent on the train, we embark this evening for 4 days of travel in order to reach Moscow in the middle of next week. Big change for us, we stay in the same country but cross a good part of the continent – ​​we are so close to the arrival of a sudden! All…

A month in Mongolia… and what a month! This country leaves us with great memories!

After our journey in the steppes, we spend 3 days with our host Froit and his wife; they welcome us so well that we almost feel at home. But we must leave one day!

Discover the story of our 2 months spent pedaling in this oh so surprising country. Follow our bikes from the mountains of Yunnan to the Chinese megacities, discover with us the passes over 4000m and the Tibetan culture of Sichuan. I hope this film will succeed in conveying what we felt during our journey to the land of the rising sun – and by the way sorry to have taken so long to finish it. Thanks to the patches released for their shots: Don’t hesitate…

Russie, nous voilà ! Après un petit nettoyage de printemps en mongolie nous rejoignons Ulan Ude en Russie pour voir le Lac Baikal. Première réserve d’eau douce de la planète, ce lac ressemble plus à une mer et à un petit paradis pour nous. Plages de sable fin, abris et tables en bois, barbecues : mis à part la monotonie de la route pour le moment nous sommes dans un super coin !

Sur les conseils de Froit, notre extraordinaire hôte warmshower nous nous perdons au nord d’Oulan-Bator et découvrons une partie complètement différente de ce que nous avons vu jusqu’ici. Nous faisons face à un terrible vent de face durant 3 jours qui nous fera nous arrêter à Darkhan pour nous reposer et quitter la mongolie en train pour rejoindre directement Oulan-Oude en Russie.