The continent is crossed! Installed in 3rd class we see scroll 13 Russians in the berths in our cabin (for 6 people) travelling for 'small' trips. Only a German couple and a Korean are tourists with us in the car. Are discussed, we laugh and the days pass quickly! So here we are in St. Petersburg, after a whistle-stop tour of Moscow.

Siberia, its extensive, its forests, its fauna and its rich flora, its wonderful Lake Baikal... and to finish his famous train... the Transsiberian!

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The Pearl of Siberia! Lake Baikal holds beautiful surprises, we arrive this week after many reversals of situation to cross to reach the island of Olkhon, and Irkutsk. The next week will be mainly spent in the train, we ship this evening for 4 days of travel to reach Moscow in the middle of next week. Big change for us, it remains in the same country but across much of the continent - it is closer so the arrival of a sudden! All...

A month in Mongolia... and what month! This country leaves us some memorable memories!

After our journey in the steppes, pass 3 days our host cold and his wife; they greet us so that one feels almost like home. But we have to start again one day!

Discover the story of our 2 months of cycling in country o How surprising. Follow our bikes from the mountains of Yunnan in Chinese megacities, discover with us the passes at more than 4000 m and Tibetan culture of Sichuan. I hope that this film will get what we felt during our journey to the land of the rising sun - and passing sorry to have taken so long to finish. Thanks to patches released for their shots: please...

Russia, here come us! After a little cleaning in spring in Mongolia we agree with Ulan Ude in Russia to see the Lake Baikal. First supply of fresh water of the planet, this Lake looks more a sea and a paradise for us. Beaches of fine sand, shelters and wooden tables, barbecues: aside from the monotony of the road at the moment we are in a super corner!

On the advice of cold, our special guest warmshower we lose North of Ulan Bator and discover a completely different part of what we have seen so far. We face a terrible headwind for 3 days that we will stop at Darkhan to rest and leave Mongolia by train directly to Ulan-Ude in Russia.